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Mementos can be anything from a simple memorial craft to a more intricate tribute — both are just as special. You don’t have to be an avid crafter to make a memorial item to pay tribute to your loved one. The meaning by the memento is what truly matters, creating something to bring you comfort during your grief and celebrate their life story.

Below are a few mementos that you can make in tribute to your loved one:

  • Make a scrapbook of your loved one’s trips, holidays, and other significant life events. Having a collection of special memories is not just for the serious crafter: get a binder and clear sheet protectors of different sizes to collect special items: ticket stubs, business cards, photos, items in your loved one's purse or wallet. Cherish these bits & bobbles and remember all your loved one got to experience in this life.
  • Print your favorite photos of your loved one to place inside a photo album.
  • Decorate a memorial frame to display your loved one’s photo. Here's a plain wooden frame that would be a great project for children and adults alike to spark creativity and create something meaningful.
  • Start a journal for expressing grief, sharing memories, or telling your loved one about your life. If you have trouble finding the time, try this one-line-a day journal. There's only enough space for one short sentance about your day and it's designed to help you get through 5 years, one day at a time. If you miss a few days or weeks, be kind to yourself and only write when you feel like it.
  • Make a photobook. There's something about holding photos in your hand that is better than seeing the same photo on a digital screen. We love this hardcover version by Social Print Studio and their app makes it easy to make a beautiful keepsake book. Click here for $5 off.
  • Use their clothing to make a memorial blanket or memory teddy bear. Project Repat will make a blanket out of t-shirts you send them; starting at 8 shirts needed for the smallest size.


In addition to memorial items, you can gather your family members and friends of the deceased to start a meaningful tradition to honor your loved one’s memory. Or you also can create your own personal tradition to honor and remember your loved one by.

Below are a few memorial tradition ideas to get you started:

  • Visit your loved one’s gravesite or scattering location to leave flowers, talk out loud to them, or sit and think about them.
  • Cook your loved one’s favorite food or famous recipe. You can invite your family and friends over for a meal to share memories of your loved one.
  • Plan a trip to your loved one’s favorite places or visit a place that they always wanted to go see.
  • Honor them at holiday gatherings by making a toast, leaving an empty chair open, or another meaningful gesture such as lighting a candle.
  • Spend time doing something that they loved, whether that was gardening or watching movies.
  • Dedicate a day to them each year. It could be their birthday, the day they passed, the day they were married, or any day that you choose. Each year plan to honor their memory in a special way.

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