What is a Funeral Celebrant?

🤵🏻‍♂️ We have Celebrants.

Christine, Dave, Ed, Galen, Jerry, Larry, Mark, Marvin, Tom, & others on our team have been trained to deliver a touching funeral service. This also means you don't have to scramble to find a pastor. Once you pick the date for a funeral or memorial, your funeral director will matchmake you with an available Celebrant who fits your family's personailty. 


❤️ Celebrants make it Personal.

A celebrant-led funeral is focused on the life lived. You can bring in your own beliefs or those of the deceased, but a religious element is completely optional. All our Celebrants are comfortable praying and reading scripture or completely avoiding those topics.  Celebrant-led funerals are open, inclusive, and flexible.


😌 Celebrants make it Easier.

Your Celebrant will meet with your family on the phone or in-person prior to the service. It's a crucial part of the grieving process, helping you remember and celebrate your loved one's unique personality and life. This allows your Celebrant to get to know your loved one through your eyes and make helpful suggestions to craft a meaningful service. 


👍🏻 Celebrants make it Better.

Our favorite part is hearing all your family compliment you after the service for choosing a Celebrant. It's common to hear things like, "Wow! That was the best funeral I've ever attended!" because many folks have only been to traditional services that don't incorporate modern music, jokes, or visual aids like our Celebrants do.


🥳 Celebrants Celebrate.

If your loved one ever said, "don't have a funeral, have a party," a Celebrant is likely what they had in mind. A true Celebration of Life can only be led by a Celebrant. Remembering the good times. Laughing at the crazy paths where life took them. Perhaps a whirlwind romance. A tale of bravery or compassion. Stories that have never before been shared publically will be a delight to all in attendance. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be so glad you chose a Celebrant.

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