C. Clay Snyder, President of Snyder Funeral Homes"Operating our crematories certainly requires the utmost attention to detail. Just as a funeral, you only have one chance and there is no room for error. There are no do-overs, if you will. Cremation is the same, there can be no mistakes. Our Certified Crematory Operators are required to go through our 10-step Worry Free Cremation Process with each individual. For those requesting cremation, it gives me great satisfaction to confidently express to them that once in our care, their loved one will never leave our care."


—C. Clay Snyder, President of Snyder Funeral Homes


Snyder Crematories

When we built our first crematory in 1996, cremation wasn't very popular yet in Ohio—but we knew the only way to give our client families the best service would be to control every part of the cremation process from start to finish. With 25 years of crematory operation experience, you can trust the Snyder family and our knowledgeable staff of Certified Crematory Operators and Cremation Specialists to answer all your questions and serve your family with true care and attention to detail.


Ohio Cremation Requirements

    1. Twenty-four hours must elapse from the time of passing.
    2. The legal Next-Of-Kin must sign a Cremation Authorization.
    3. Viewing and services are held to provide closure.
    4. A physician or coroner must sign the death certificate (several days or weeks).
    5. Cremation can be scheduled.


From the moment a loved one is brought by our staff into the funeral home, they will never leave our care to be cremated elsewhere. We take very seriously the responsibility and trust given to us when families allow us to care for their loved one. We go above the minimum ID requirements, and verify the person's location at each step in the cremation process until their urn can be returned to their family's care or commited to a local cemetery, niche, or mausoleum.


Before cremation, most families choose a service with their loved one present to provide closure and begin the healing process. After the funeral is over (and the doctor has signed the death certificate) we can schedule the cremation and at the same time we plan the procession and graveside service for a time that is available for the family, their clergy or celebrant, and their selected cemetery.



We Promise

  • Your loved one will never leave our care.
  • We only use the four crematories owned and operated by Snyder Funeral Homes.
  • Identification will occur at every step before, during, and after the cremation.
  • Each cremation is handled with care by a Certified Crematory Operator.
  • Your family will receive 100% of the recoverable cremated remains.
  • Every cremation is performed privately in a peaceful setting.




In addition to an ID wristband and paperwork, when a person is brought into our crematory they are immediately assigned a unique number indicated by a circular metal ID tag. This numbered tag stays with the person throughout the entire cremation process as an extra level of security.

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