Life After Death: a new album by TobyMac

TobyMac, Christian recording artist and member of DC Talk, lost his son after an accidental drug overdose in 2019. TobyMac's real name is Kevin McKeehan, and his son's name was Truett. Here are some quotes he has said to different media outlets about the death of his 21-year-old son:


"I will forever be a different man."


“The pain and anguish was just killing us. I never thought I would ever have it together again.”


"Do we all know that he made a mistake? Absolutely, but it doesn't tarnish the person that Truett is to any of us."


Yesterday, TobyMac released a new album called Life After Death. All the songs were written from the journal he kept after the loss. This song, Everything About You, will speak to anyone who has lost someone:



When the whole room’s staring at you
You can’t run from the shadows
And the light can’t seem to get through
When your soul has no window
When all you want’s to fly away
To spread your wings and feel okay
Just make it through another day, without you

I miss everything about you
I just miss being around you
Out of sight, out of mind
Don’t add up, not this time
It’s the cold truth
I miss everything

When the grey falls out of the sky
And then lands on your shoulders
And when a nightmare walks through your door
You live it over and over

You want the truth to be a lie
To say hello, no sad goodbyes
You’re gone, I’m here
My world is dry without you

The way you smile, the way you talk
The times we laughed, the times we fought
The things I said, the times you called
Sometimes I feel it’s all my fault

I can hear you in my head
The things you said still echoing
The only way you loved was hard
And I’m left driving your old car


Another particularly poignant song is 21 Years, with the line "God has you in heaven, but I have you in my heart." This track was written as a direct tribute to his son as evidenced by the title.



Woke up cuz the light poured in
Day 2 let the flood begin
Day 1 left me in my bed
I can barely remember it
Heart shattered in a thousand ways
They tell me pain gonna come in waves
They tell me I’m gonna be ok
I’m still waiting for the first to break


Why would You give and then take him away
Suddenly end could You not let it fade
What I would give for a couple of days, a couple of days


Is it just across the Jordan
Or a city in the stars
Are you singing with the angels
Are you happy where you are
Well until this show is over
And you run into my arms
God has you in heaven
But I have you in my heart


I just can’t make sense of this
Everything is so dissonant
Somebody said he was meant for this
But I’m just straight missing him
I wanna wake up to your laugh at 2
Catch you when you steal my shoes
Say good morning, afternoon
Talk you through those “Alex blues”
Listen to your latest beats
Talk about what the lyrics mean
Venmo you another loan
See you do your 2nd show


You said you’d turn, you would turn it around
Thought that you had time to straighten it out
Told me that you were my prodigal son
But this isn’t home


Did he see You from a long way off
Running to him with a Father’s heart
Did You wrap him up inside Your arms
And let him know, that he’s home


21 years makes a man full-grown
21 years, what a beautiful loan
21 years, I loved every one
Thank you, Lord, for my beautiful son



The whole album is worth a listen. If you find hope or healing in this album, we would love to hear from you in the comments.♥

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