Theresa A. Gorley Barber

August 20, 1963 ‒ April 05, 2019

Mount Vernon, Ohio

Theresa A. Gorley Barber passed away on April 5th, 2019 at her home. Born in Newark, Ohio on August 20, 1963. She was the Daughter of James Gorley and Betty Wilson.

In her younger years she worked at Watts Restaurant in Utica, Ohio and as she grew older, she decided to become a teacher. She was a teacher for Columbus City Schools for many years. She showed so much passion and love for her family, friends, and students.

Theresa is survived by her loving husband Joseph M. Barber; Sons, Mike, Jonathan, and Dylan Barber; sisters Sue Baldwin and Gwen Gorley; Father and mother James and Beverly Gorley as well as her many nieces and nephews. Theresa was preceded by her loving mother Betty Wilson.

Friends and family may gather at Green Valley Southern Baptist Church 1680 Old Delaware Road in Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050 Sunday April 14th at 2 p.m. in a celebration of life.

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The Dowds-Snyder Funeral Home in Mount Vernon is honored to serve the family of Theresa  A. Gorley Barber.

  • Theresa was a wonderful aunt and always made me laugh. I will miss her laugh and smile most of all. I was at the wedding when she married Uncle Joe and became part of our family. I regret that I am unable to attend the memorial but I send all my love to Uncle Joe, Jon, Dylan and Mike. A wonderful spirit gone too soon.

    With all my love, Rene

  • Theresa was part of Educators’ Week each June and we could always look forward to her welcoming smile and her hearty laugh! She attended each year because she had a desire to learn so that she could share new ideas with her students. The participants of Educators’ Week will remember Theresa this summer when we gather together at Camp Oty’Okwa. We send our sympathy to her family and friends.

  • Many of us will remember Theresa for her huge heart, willingness to help out however she could, and her welcoming ways. She was so kind to everyone. I always admired Theresa’s ability to try something new, learn something new, and take that knowledge back to share it with her students and those around her. She worked tirelessly to help all of the students of her elementary school learn about science and how they could become scientists if they wanted to. Her love of environmental education was also quite remarkable. We will miss her so much and will think of her at our annual 101 Conference at YMCA Camp Kern – of which she attended each fall for over 20 years.

  • I am the School Counselor at Theresa’s school. In my 25 years in education, I have met very few teachers with the amount of passion and love for teaching as Theresa had. She was such an awesome teacher and her students and colleagues loved her so much. I will miss talking with her and hearing all of the stories about her sons that she adored, her summer plans, and all her adventures. We are all better people having known her. Innis Elementary School will never be the same.

  • I was just listening to the radio and a memory of Theresa came rushing back. I think it shows her enthusiasm and determination. I was visiting my grandparents, Theresa’s in-laws, when she came rushing into the house carrying a boom box ( this was obviously a long time ago) and a cassette tape. My grandma and I were at the kitchen table where she put the boom box down , popped in the tape, and told us we had to hear this amazing song. Out of the speakers came the voice of Billy Ray Cyrus singing “Achy Breaky Heart.” I saw her do the same thing anytime a new person came by. While not my cup of tea, I remember how passionate she was about sharing the song with everyone she came across. She was always all-in on anything she felt strongly about. That memory still makes me smile. It’s these small moments I will always cherish.

  • I am so sorry to hear about Theresa’s passing. I saw her in Walmart a month ago & we took a moment to share about teaching. She spoke w/ such fondness for her job! Furthermore, for Joe, Mike & family I am thinking & praying for your comfort. Trust the promises of God. Take care.

  • I’m so sorry for your loss! Theresa was a great person! I worked with her at Arlington Park and would run into her from time to time and catch up!
    I will keep your family in my prayers for peace and comfort!

  • I am very sorry to hear about your loss! I was friends with Theresa in middle/high school and enjoyed our days n band together.

  • Theresa you were a wonderful woman, giving, kind and always helpful. I enjoyed working with you at Northridge Athletic Boosters. You will be missed!
    Sending prayers for peace and comfort for your family.

  • Theresa was my “twin” although I am the middle sister and she the younger. She was my best friend, my confidante, my inspiration to keep going in life. I never knew her to complain and she was always the first to help anyone in our family. Her constant faith made what I had quite dim in comparison and her faith never wavered. I am beyond broken-hearted and will never stop missing her and loving her until I have been blessed enough to reunite with her. I love you Joe, Jon and Dylan. You were her life and always will be!

  • Sorry to hear about Theresa and I want to wish her family the best of luck getting through these hard times. I’m sure she will be missed a lot by her family.

  • Theresa was my aunt. She was like my second mother. She usually would call me at least once a week on her way home from work and tell me about her day. I remember going to her house for Spring Break when I was a little girl before she had the boys. She would make homemade pork chops and mashed potatoes. She would make homemade sugar, no bake and peanut butter cookies for Christmas. She had asked me the past few summers to hike at Old Man’s Cave last, but we never were able to. I am going to go this spring/summer and she will be with me in spirit. My birthday is coming up and this year will be the only year where she won’t call me to sing Happy Birthday or put my name on T-100.3 radio station for my birthday. I would give up all of the rest of my birthdays if it would bring her back. She loved helping others and her students. I will miss her smile, laugh, and positive spirit the most. Her and her memories will be in my heart forever. I will miss her every day until the day we meet again.

  • Dear Sue, Gwen, Jim, and all the family, I was very shocked and saddened to hear that Theresa had passed away. I have fond memories of visiting you out on the farm many moons ago. ( I felt so bad that I couldn’t attend Betty’s service. Theresa had called me at the time and I had planned on being there to share in your memories. However, I got a terrible cold and I couldn’t join a group of people without infecting them too. I left her a message and I hope she got it. I hated to let you all down that day. ) Take care and God bless you all. Love, Val McManis PS : I just lost my Mom Tuesday morning.

  • I worked with Theresa at Homer Elementary . She had great enthusiasm for teaching and cared deeply for her students.
    My thoughts and prayers are with her family at this very difficult time.

  • There’s was a kind Hearted person that would fill a room full of Laughter. She was eager to Learn. Brings back Memories of when her Dad and my Mom were Married. Jim would Milk the Cows and bring in the Cream at which time Her, Mom and Myself would make butter. We would clean eggs and put in Cartons. Mom taught up how to make Homemade Noodles. We had a lot of good times that went by quickly. We parted, had family of our own but through the years when we would see each other we would discuss some of our Memories. Always loved her Laughter. My Sympathy and Prayers 🙏 go out to the Family.

  • Theresa was a kind Hearted person that would fill a room full of Laughter. She was eager to Learn. Brings back Memories of when her Dad and my Mom were Married. Jim would Milk the Cows and bring in the Cream at which time Her, Mom and Myself would make butter. We would clean eggs and put in Cartons. Mom taught us how to make Homemade Noodles. We had a lot of good times that went by quickly. We parted, had family of our own but through the years when we would see each other we would discuss some of our Memories. Always loved her Laughter. My Sympathy and Prayers 🙏 go out to the Family.

  • Theresa was a good friend in high school,we shared a lot of fun times in Vo-ag class & FFA. Also,we were co-workers as waitresses at Watts restaurant when we were teenagers. I loved so many things about Theresa..her wonderful good nature,always so kind and willing to help someone,her smile & laughter. I lost track of Theresa as we both grew up and got busy with our lives,raising our families and such..but I never forgot her & the happy times we had when we were younger. She definitely was someone very special!! Sending my deepest sympathies to the family..I know sisters Susan & Gwen ( hugs) I’m so very sorry for your loss. Will keep family in my prayers. With love, Melissa ( Wesley) Parkinson

  • I had the privilege of working with Theresa at Innis elementary. I travel between buildings so it can be hard developing relationships with staff. Theresa was always so happy and she loved to talk. She talked about her kids and loved to ask me about my kids. She helped make me feel a part of the staff. This world has lost a very sweet woman. My thought and prayers go out to her family, friends, and students.

  • Joe and sons, Gwen, Sue and family, sending my sincere condolences to you during this difficult time of sadness and loss. I have such fond memories of Theresa from Utica Elementary where we were good friends. I am very saddened to hear of her passing and will keep you in thoughts and prayers, God bless.

  • Sorry to hear of your loss, Elizabeth and Dee wish you our best and prayers to all your love ones

  • Yeah almost every teacher cried and her 2nd grade students are in third grade and my friends and they cried so did. I Mrs. Barber created science day She was awesome and when I was in 1st I wanted to be in her classroom We all miss her dearly

  • Joe,
    What a beautiful tribute to Theresa today.
    I’ll always remember how sweet she was to Chuck, especially during his last few months when she would bring him beef and noodles and peanut butter pie. He really looked forward to it and she woud lift his spirits. She was always so thoughtful and kind.
    Know that I’m holding you and the boys close in my heart.

  • I was stunned to learn of the sudden passing of Theresa. We always talked about school and our families every time we saw one another. Her passion for both always shined when we spoke. May the good Lord be with you during this time.

  • I miss my younger sister, Theresa, more and more every day. I miss her phone calls, I miss talking to her just about every day life on the farm. I miss the enthusiasm she always had for her family…one or more of us were on the receiving end of her multi-daily phone calls and in reality…we loved every second of being a part of her life. A big part of me died when she passed and I cry (hard) every day. I miss her, I miss her, I miss her…..
    Thank you to the teachers from Columbus who traveled to her memorial service on the 14th. It brings me comfort knowing that she touched so many lives sharing her passion for teaching and therein…life itself. Thank you also to the 30 young men from Jons’ Bowling Green Fraternity who traveled from the college to the memorial service on the 14th and stood for the service as the church was filled to capacity. I love you, Theresa…save me a seat.

  • My heart was filled with so much sadness when I found out about Mrs. Barber’s passing… I had the honor of working with her last year in her 2nd grade classroom! I am an OSU student studying to be a teacher and I can honestly say that I learned the most valuable information from Mrs. Barber- not only about education but about life. I am so thankful for the laughs, lessons and stories she shared with me and I am forever grateful to have had a role model and mentor teacher like Mrs. Barber!!

  • Every day I wait for her call…every day I miss her more…every day I cry…life will never be the same, sister…I love you so. I’d give every day up forever just to have one more with you. Sue

  • Aunt Theresa, today I found your sugar and no bake cookie recipes that you wrote on index cards. I know mine will not be as good as yours, but I will try around Christmas time. I think of you every day. I see your face and smile and hear your giggling laugh in my mind. My heart still aches. I am still angry that you were taken from us too soon. I can not fathom waiting 30-40 years to see you again. I hope the time goes by fast. You are always in my heart. Love always, Sarah

  • Theresa…I’m ready for my daily meltdown. I go all day and my phone never rings.
    I feel like I am really all alone as no one or nothing can heal my broken heart or fill any of the void you have left. I keep hoping this is the worst nightmare I have ever had instead…it is the worst day-to-day existence ever imagined. I think of how you were so upbeat, so people friendly just like daddy. You were always there for me…to listen to the good news in my life and especially on the bad days when I felt the worst. I can’t imagine how I will go on without you and just want to help Joe and the boys however I can…I thought the other day how you will not be here with us as they graduate and marry and go on in life. It is not fair…sometimes God…you make mistakes…..I love you, always, my baby sister……Susan