Robert O. Webb

November 24, 1930 ‒ October 02, 2014

Marion, Ohio

Robert O. Webb, age 83, of Marion passed away on October 2nd, in his home, while under the gentle care of Heartland Hospice. He was born on November 24, 1930 in Wallace, West Virginia. Robert married Betty Jo Griffin on April 13th, 1952 in Oakland, Maryland. Robert graduated from high school in Shinnston, West Virginia, in 1950. He then went to college at Fairmont State University. His education was interrupted when he was drafted into the Army during the Korean War. Robert proudly served his country from 1952-1954. After his discharge, Robert resumed his studies in English Education and received his bachelor’s degree in 1956. He furthered his education and received a MS in Education from Youngstown State University in 1972. Robert taught English and Speech in the Marion County School System from 1956-2004. His teaching career began at Harding High School in 1956. Robert also taught at Eber Baker Middle School, Pleasant High School, and Marion Catholic High School. Robert’s many joys included, directing high school musicals, the Props and Q’s Club, the Debate Club, and the Harding Reporter. Robert’s excitement for educating the masses was not limited to middle and high school. In the evenings, Robert taught Adult Education classes at Harding High School, part time at Marion Correctional Institution, OSU Marion, and Marion Vocational School. During his spare time, he sold real estate for G&G Homes and painted half the homes in Marion County. Robert was a selected member of the Warren G. Harding Chapter of the National Honor Society, he was listed in the Who’s Who of Teachers numerous times, he was a proud member of the VFW Post 7201, and a member of the Epworth United Methodist Church. The beloved husband, father, and friend to all, is survived by his sister, Thelma (Joe) Romeo, of Massillon, OH, son, Dr. Robert Mark Webb, of Pittsburgh, PA; daughter, Major Pamela (James) Potter, of Tarpon Springs, FL; his five grandchildren, Heidi, Shawn, William, Arielle, and Ryan; two great-granddaughters, Aimee and Zoe. Family members will receive friends from 4:00 until 7:00 p.m., October 10, 2014 at Gunder/Hall & Folk Funeral Directors. Funeral services will be held October 11, 2014 at Epworth United Methodist Church, at 10:00 a.m. with Rev. David Hoffman and Chaplain Pam Lamb-Hart officiating. Burial will follow at the Marion Cemetery. Online condolences may be expressed at

  • Mr. Webb was not only a great teacher but a good man. My thoughts and prayers are with the Webb family. Rest in Peace Mr Webb.

  • Mr. Webb was one of my favorite and most memorable teachers. He was a remarkable human being who had a very positive impact on my life. I learned so much from him and enjoyed his class immensely! It is to his credit that my eye always catches a split infinitive, I frequently use alliteration, and I know what an onomatopoeia is. His class was very enjoyable. He taught in his quirky way with great excitement, energy, and enthusiasm. I cherish my time with him on the school musical. He volunteered for the very big role of director and undertook it with gusto. Bob Webb loved what he did, and that showed in all his activities. He was a caring and devoted educator who took the time to see his students succeed. It’s hard to run into someone from Marion who didn’t either have him for a teacher or know of him. Many times friends and I have shared memories of fun times with Mr. Webb as well as our admiration for him both as a person and teacher. I am so grateful for having learned from him as well as having known him as a friend. I will continue to carry with me his spirit and the knowledge I gained from him. Thank you, Mr. Webb, for the contributions you made to this world, to my life, and to the lives of countless others.

  • Mr. Webb was one of my favorite teachers at Pleasant High School. He always had an infectious smile and a kind word to say to everyone. English was one of my least favorite subjects and yet he made it enjoyable. I saw him about 5 years ago and he still remembered me after all of these years and asked about several of my classmates. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to have spent time with him and learn from such a nice man. Rest in peace Mr. Webb.

  • Both my parents, and my aunt and uncle were taught by Mr. Webb in High School at Harding. I had him for speech at Pleasant years later. Mr. Webb was a legacy teacher who loved what he did and was excellent for it. Today I speak to crowds of people and Mr. Webb’s words and memory are often with me as I do. Mr. Webb loved life, and was a good man. Prayers to the friends and family. Thank you Mr. Webb for your legacy. I am a life that was changed.

  • Mr. Webb was a wonderful teacher, and he will be missed. My condolences to his family on his death coming so soon after the death of his beloved wife. My prayers for his family and friends.

  • My first memory of Mr. Webb: “Let’s go.” We took an entire week to dissect that sentence. He was one of those teachers that burned an impression into our minds, and he challenged us each to excel in ways that weren’t always expected of us in other classes. He refused to award shoddy work, and each of us knew that his expectations were high (but never unrealistic). His passion to pass on his knowledge and love of the English language was contagious. I expect that more than a few of his students hear his words to this day when writing and speaking. I know I do, and I’m the better for it. Actually, he set the foundation for the work I do to this very day. When speaking to the Retired Teachers Association a few years ago, I noticed Mr. Webb in the audience. I shared with him afterwards, that I review the materials I create through the lens of, “Would Mr. Webb find something incorrect in this piece?” Mr. Webb is veritable proof that what we do truly does impact others. Let us each hope to leave a legacy as impactful and far reaching as his.

  • Mr. Webb had an unbelievable impact on my knowledge of the English language AND my teaching. He gave me my first C on a grade card, but his encouragement and enthusiasm for the subject made me more determined to raise my grade! He was a wonderful educator! May he rest in peace.

  • Mr. Webb was a wonderful teacher and a wonderful person. He will be missed by many. He despaired of my southern Ohio influenced speech patterns. He was especially unhappy when I said “Warshington”. He and my father, Al Mascari, were friends. Our sympathy to all who are left behind.

  • Mr. Webb was my 8th grade English teacher at Baker Middle School. I sometimes struggled in his class, but I appreciated what I learned from him most when I became a Freshman ( in English) at Harding High School. It quickly became apparent which students had Mr. Webb as a teacher in previous years. Of course, I will always remember diagramming sentences that would cover both blackboards, parsing sentences, and literary terms. I am glad he has encouraged so many people and students either to love the English language or to appreciate it, as I do. It is amazing how many meanings the word “that” has. I hope other students will also remember that. He will be missed and remembered as one of the great teachers of our times.

  • Bob Webb and I shared many letters these most recent years. It gave me the opportunity to compile my life experiences of living in Europe, Bob encouraged me to put my stories in a book! The Webbs and the Danglers lived in FairPark and visited one another. I’d like to have contact with the Webb children. I am listed in the New York Directory and on face book. Bob and Betty Jo ALWAYS knew me…They were exceptional people and will be missed.

  • Mr. Webb was one of the best teachers I ever had while attending Harding. He had a quick wit and his teaching style encouraged learning. David and I were fortunate to have him and his family as our neighbors for many years.

  • May warm memories bring comfort during this difficult time. Mr. Webb blessed many of his former students with a love of the English language . He taught us the value of speaking with confidence and writing with grace. Prayers for peace for your families. With warm regards and sincere condolences, Jenny Sperling Sigler & Dawn Sperling

  • Upon hearing of the death of Mr. Webb, my heart aches as I look back on the man who became an institution in our family. Neighbor and friend, he had 2 of my 3 children as students, who had the good fortune to be in Mr. Webb’s 8th Grade English class. They are all married, with children of their own, and we STILL talked about this legend. He was an exceptional teacher, knowledgeable to the extreme, and dedicated to each and every student that passed through his class. He will be missed sorely, not only by the teaching community in Marion, but by his former students, and their parents. One can only hope that there is another educator out there, willing to step into his formidable shoes and create an equally impressive legacy. God speed, my friend.

  • Our whole family is saddened by Bob’s death . He and Betty were such a large part of the Marion community. Bob’s teaching of English motivated students to do their very best. Those of you in their family must be very proud of their legacy.

  • It’s a funny thing when you, at first, think you don’t like something, but someone helps you to discover that you actually do. That’s what Bob Webb did for me. I first met Mr. Webb as my English teacher at Eber Baker Middle School. Like most students, I thought he was tough. Everyone hated to diagram sentences — an exercise he enjoyed compelling us to do; however, I found it fascinating. While I was in his class, I vowed I would never do anything for a living that required writing. But, he showed me that I was actually good at it and I credit him for launching me on a path that included excelling in AP English in high school, pursuing a degree in journalism in college, and a career in public relations. I enjoyed maintaining an acquaintance with him over the years and I hope he knew just how much he influenced me. He was an exceptional teacher — of English and life. May God grant him eternal rest and may perpetual light shine upon him.

  • Mr. Webb was a friend. He was also my hero and he will be missed. I can’t remember any teacher that went to all funerals, reunions and events, other than Mr. Webb. May the family always have the fondest and warmest memories.

  • Mr. Webb was my speech teacher in 1970. He left a lasting impression, in my life. Mr. Webb was fair funny and a very good teacher who, brought me out of my shyness. He even had the class to his house around the Christmas holiday, one year. He had such a big heart and truly enjoyed teaching . The man had a real talent for getting through to teenagers.I will always remember him and am praying for the family. Mr. Robert Webb, you will be missed, rest in peace and know you made a positive difference in the world.

  • Bob has left a lasting legacy in the memories we share. We honor a life well-lived. Marion City-County Retired Teachers Association.

  • On behalf of the Brothers of Tau Beta Iota Fraternity, I should like to extend our sympathies for the passing of Brother Bob. Brother Webb and all TBI’s who have left us in the last year will be remembered at our annual Founders Day memorial service held each March. Charles Hillberry President TBI Alumni Association

  • I was in Props and Qs for 3 years and went on many theatre field trips with Mr Webb. Also involved in HS plays. It was fun seeing him at our class reunions in more recent years. I can’t say enough about what a fine man he is and was. My love of theatre I owe to him. My prayers and thoughts are sent to his family.

  • So sorry for the loss to the Webb family, we never met him but he must of had some incredible stories from all that he had seen throughout his years of mentoring. His legacy will travel on for many years to come.

  • I graduated from Harding in 1972, but I still have my notes from Mr. Webb’s speech class! He was an outstanding teacher and a fine human being. He touched the lives of so many in a very positive way. May he rest in peace.

  • My thoughts and condolences are with the family. Mr. Webb was an extraordinary scholar and teacher. He embraced high standards for everyone, and he held the same standards for himself. He will always be my teacher. Rest in peace, sir.

  • Mr. Webb was an inspiration to me. At first, I remember being intimidated, when I learned that he would be my eighth grade English teacher. After all, he meant business. We had to do several speeches and we were pushed beyond what we ever thought we could do. We had to think critically about language, and we had to tame our teen angst about presenting in front of our peers. Mr. Webb tempered all of these high expectations with a great sense of humor. On many occasions he brought in letters or mistakes in advertising to share with the class. One time he read us a letter from a group of college students who were perturbed at the fact that one of Mr. Webb’s students had made a correction to their attempt at diagramming the Preamble. He was laughing so hard he was in tears over this. He also loved to point to the plaque over his blackboard “Infinitives split; participles dangle while you wait.” I am ever thankful for the way Mr. Webb challenged me. I went on to study English and English education in college. In addition, I will always remember his kindness when he came to visit me at home after a car accident the summer after my eighth grade year. Thank you, Mr. Webb; I am so enriched for having known you.

  • Pam and Mark, Uncle Bob is a wonderful man. The enjoyable memory of his visit with you, Aunt Betty and Mark to see us when Paula and I were in elementary school still stays with me. He is and was gifted, energetic, enthusiastic, thoughtful and kind. My mother, Norma, my sister, Paula, and I regret not being able to see him and your mother before they passed on; please accept our prayers and condolences for the loss of your wonderful parents.

  • As you can see from the many laudatory comments, Bob was an extraordinary English teacher with a legendary influences on hundreds and hundreds of students through the years. He was a model for those of us teaching English now, and all of us are grateful for the example he provided. On a personal note, I will always remember his personal kindness, and his unwavering devotion to BettyJo, especially in her final years. I trust both of them will rest in peace, and will be fondly cherished by family and friends.

  • Bob Webb was one of those persons who came into your life via the obligations of the school system, and then only left when all the work was done and he was satisfied with the result. I was in one of the class plays (dare I admit this) back in 1963, and bob still called me by my stage name, right to the last month…..Passepartout (from Around the World). I was so delighted that he and I reconnected about four years ago and remained great friends right to the end. He gleefully attended our Starduster reunion….had a seat in the first row, natch…then spent the entire weekend with the Class of 63 at our big reunion last year, including the ball game and dinner. Still, while his heart was big enough to continually add new students and friends to his repertoire of socializing, we all knew that he had an unswerving dedication to BettyJo, especially when her health was failing in recent years. It is proper and fitting that their separation from each other was only brief and our collective loss is tempered with the comforting realization that the two of them are together again. Many of us have expressed variations of precisely the same theme….Bob Webb was one of the most influential persons in our lives. What a great way to remember such a genuinely good guy. What a legacy. Not to mention a great reputation as an educator, instructor, and lifelong friend. Find us all a place in your next big stage production, Bob, even if some of us plan to be working here for another few weeks! You are among the very best. Glad we knew ye. Gratefully, Passepartout!