Renee Esme Hays

December 15, 2014 ‒ December 15, 2014

Marion, Ohio

Renee Esme Hays was born in Marion, Ohio on December 15, 2014 and went to be with the Lord that day. Even though her time with her family was short, Renee was very beautiful and loved; she will leave a lasting legacy and has touched the lives of many.

Renee will always be remembered by her parents: Camille Smith and Ryan Hays; her siblings: Christian Robert Nelson, Casey Bea Nelson, Jacob Joshua Smith, Jeffery Nicolas Smith and Rhinnon Alexis Hays; Grandparents: Gladys Marie Nelson, Roba Jean Hays and Allen Donely Hays; Renee is also survived by many aunts, uncles and cousins.

She was met in Heaven by her brother Ryan Donald Daryl Hays and other siblings, and embraced by her grandfather Robert Carl Nelson.

The Denzer-Farison-Hottinger & Snyder Funeral Home is honored to be serving Renee’s family.


  • I love you so very much, my beautiful daughter. Your time with us was way too short and your father and my wishes are just to hold you and love you and know you. We miss you so much, darling angel, pretty baby girl. We loved you from the moment we conceived you, loved you while I carried you, loved you when you were born and love you still always and forever…There is so much I want to say to you, my precious sweetie. I hope you know how much we love you and want you. I would do anything to hold you and see you again. Your Grandpa Robert Nelson and some of your siblings are already there waiting for you and will love you and embrace you until your father and I meet you again my little angel princess. RIP my beautiful sweet angel daughter and until we meet again, we will think of you always and continue to love you forever…<3

  • My dearest,sweet beautiful Renee Esme, momma was thinking about you again today…I love and miss you more than I can ever say…my heart continues to break for you and I am praying for the strength to get through this..I am having such a hard time dealing with your loss,my beautiful baby girl. All I want to do is hold you, kiss you,love you and be with you…you are in my heart always,princess..your daddy and I want you so very much…you are our most beautiful creation and was conceived with true eternal love. I miss you darling angel…you are loved and will be remembered forever… -love always, Momma

  • You are in my heart forever my beautiful Renee Esme Hays. Sweet dreams my darling angel…mommy will visit you again tomorrow,precious child of mine. Please tell your Grandfather Robert Nelson hi for me and that I love him and thank him for watching over you until daddy and I see you again. I love you forever, princess…

  • I love you my precious baby girl and miss you more than I can ever tell you. I only dream of holding you and being with you again. You are and will always be so wanted, so loved, and in my heart. It feels like a part of me dies every day that you aren’t with me. You are my sweet angel baby and I love more than life itself. I’d give anything to have you here with me again…daddy and I will be able to get you soon,we anxiously await the call. We love and miss you,princess. You will be with us soon pretty girl. Love you always and forever my sweet Renee Esme…

  • I am back to talk to you again sweetie. I love and miss you so much…mommy is having a rough day again and trying to deal. Even though you are in my heart forever, I long to hold you, kiss you, rock you to sleep, sing to you,and just to see you…I love you more than I can ever tell you and pray that you know that…I’d do anything to see you again, my precious daughter…I’m trying to understand why you were taken so soon…I know God had a reason, but so do I 🙁 you are my pretty little angel baby and I love,want,and need you so much…I can’t imagine life without you…it comforts me a little to know your grandpa is taking care of you and loving you, I miss you both. I just wish I could hold you and love you and raise you to be the beautiful,intelligent, kind daughter I know you are. Mommy loves you always and forever my sweet, lovely little princess…you will always live in my heart…

  • I got the bring you home today! I have missed you my sweet baby! I love you so much! Maybe I can hold you and sing to you, I love you more than I can ever say!! You are in my heart princess and you live on in there. I love you always and forever and can’t wait to see you again! You will always be mom ys little angel. I love you my sweet,beautiful Renee Esme. Hugs and kisses my precious beautiful child <3

  • I’m so, so sorry for the loss of your baby.My heart breaks for you.I haven’t loss a child, but I loss my mate 5yrs. ago and my heart still ache for him.So, I feel some of your pain. I want you to know that “GOD JEHOVAH” has promised a “RESURRECTION” at (John 11:39-44) wherein,you will have the opportunity to be reunited with your lovely “RENEE” again in the future and she will never be sick again(Isaiah 33:24) and death will be a thing of the past.(Revelation 21:4) That is a hope I look toward and gain comfort,peace and strength.I hope the same for you.Please,learn more about the GOD of all comfort,JEHOVAH(Psalms 83:18) (Psalms 147:3)Again,I’m so sorry.

  • I was thinking about you,my beautiful daughter. I love and miss you so much. Many days I wish I could go back in time and fix everything and help you survive or change a few things and pray it helps. I can’t help but to blame myself but daddy says not to. I just wish with all my heart I could have saved you…I’d do anything…I just want to hold you, love you, kiss you, be with you and help you grow…I can’t express how very much I love you. You are in my heart always baby girl. Your brothers and sisters wish they could have met you and love you too. I hope someday I will see you again and I’ll hug and love on you so much and never let you go…you were created out of pure eternal love and want you to know that. Until I see you again precious angel, be well and always know daddy and I love you always and forever more than anything. We want you so much and we ache for you. The brief time we saw you, you made us happy. We love you, princess and we will reunite in heaven,my angel baby. Love you sweetheart always…

  • Merry Christmas, my beautiful Renee Esme! I love and miss you so much! Christmas won’t be the same without you,beautiful daughter of mine. I also wanted to thank you for helping your father and I make your sister and brother happy tonight. They loved the Christmas lights and you made it possible, glad you were with us,pretty. This will be a hard holiday, you are so loved and missed. You are in out hearts forever precious angel. Celebrate today with Jesus, God, your Grandpa Nelson, your siblings, great grandparents, etc. know we love and miss you but they will take good care of you until daddy and I see you again. Merry Christmas, princess <3

  • Hello angel, mommy is here. Yesterday was hard but I got through it. It helped having you with me. I just can’t stop thinking about you, I love and miss you so much darling princess. I love and want you more than I can ever say,always. Yesterday your sister Rhiannon got barbies for Christmas and I played them with her. She named them mommy, Casey, Rhiannon, and Renee. It was so endearing and touched my heart. Your sister loves and misses you. We had went to your grandparent Hays house. Your grandparents were there, great aunt Jane, uncle Craig, a Uncle Danny and aunt Lisa, your cousins Christopher, Joseph, Caleb, Carly, daddy and I and your brothers and sister Christian, Jacob, Jeffery, and Rhiannon. You were with all of us in our hearts even though you were with us. We all love you so much always. Your sister Casey is home from the Airforce now. She loves you too. Someday we will all be together again. Until then always know you are loved and wanted more than anything and never forgotten. You live in all of our hearts always…

  • Love you my beautiful Renee Esme…thinking about you and wanting you more than ever. I’m so sorry my darling princess. I’d give anything just to see you, to hold you. Your daddy and I want you so much and our hearts long to be with you. I know everything happens for a reason I’m just having a hard time trying to figure out why this happened. No matter what,you are so loved,wanted,needed, missed. Please forgive me princess, mommy would have saved you if I could…I love all my children and would do anything to protect you all. I’m so sorry…wish I could have done more. I love you always and forever and you are in my heart for eternity…

  • Thinking about you my beautiful daughter and missing you lots. I love you more than I can ever say. Please know you are in mommy and daddy’s hearts forever and you will never be forgotten. We want you so much and still asking why you were taken from us…love and miss you,my precious princess Renee Esme always. <3

  • I’ve talked to you each day my princess, I think this sites time is different than mine, an hour or two ahead. So sorry my beautiful daughter. I love and miss you daily sweetie and think about you always…you are my heart,beautiful daughter…I’m going to try to give you a little brother or sister,God willing. I will tell them all about you,sweetheart. You will be remembered and known to all of your siblings. They love you as I do and as your daddy does. I secretly hope for a girl though,don’t tell anyone. I miss you, my darling. I will see you again someday…promise. Until then, know that I love you more than life itself, I want you more than anything, I think about you daily, and would have done anything to save you. Love you always and forever my beautiful daughter…

  • I miss you my precious baby girl so much. Tomorrow will be a new year. As we leave 2014 behind, I will never forget you or leave you behind. I love you always and forever,sweet princess. I just wish so much to hold you and see you again. I want you more than I can ever say and would have saved you if I could. I’m so sorry darling. You know you are in my heart forever I just wish things had turned out different. You are so loved and missed, Renee Esme. Hugs and kisses every day,princess. I’m sure your grandpa is embracing and loving you daily. Please tell your brothers and sisters I love and miss them and grandpa too. Sweet dreams angel and talk to you again soon. Love you <3

  • Happy New Years, Renee Esme…it’s a new year now hope it goes well…just wish we could share it with you,princess. I love you so much always and forever baby girl. Wish I could hold you so much. You are in my heart always and for eternity. I miss you and will never forget you. I must sleep but will talk to you soon,darling. Love you so much Renee Esme…<3 Momma

  • I love you my pretty angel,Renee Esme. You live in my heart beautiful princess. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t miss you or think about you. You are so wanted baby girl always. I wish I could have done more…I am truly sorry my sweet daughter…I love you always and forever and will never forget you…I will love you always and when I die I will embrace you and never let go…love you Renee Esme <3

  • I love you Renee Esme so much! Mommy misses you every single day. Hope you are doing well in heaven with your Grandpa Nelson, your siblings, etc. we love and miss you tons down here. God has plans for us all just wish I knew what, I want you with me so much. Always remember how loved and wanted you are,princess. You are in my heart always <3

  • Missing you my angel…I have so much love for you. When we meet again I’m going to embrace you and never let you go…ever. We are going to try to make you a big sister this year. Your brothers and sisters love and miss you as does your daddy. We are planning your funeral which weighs on our hearts but you deserve to be remembered and loved forever. Words can’t express ever how much we love and want you and long to hold you. I miss you my darling baby and love you forever sweet Renee Esme. <3

  • I love you my beautiful Renee Esme <3 miss you so much pretty angel baby. Its been 20 days now….still can't believe it 🙁 I have loved and missed you every day and will always. Just wish you were here with me to love,hold,snuggle…we think of you every day,princess…talk to you again soon,my angel darling Renee Esme. Love you always and forever <3

  • I love and miss you so much sweet princess …mommy needs you so much…my heart is breaking….I’d give anything for a few mins with you. Each day that foes by I miss you more and going through a hard time. You are what I need…I love you,baby girl,forever. Always know,my dear Renee Esme how much I love you and want you. Hugs and kisses sweetie.

  • I love you, Renee Esme and miss you so much. I think about you daily,my little angel. I long to hold you,kiss you,and to look upon you,my beautiful baby girl. I will love you always and forever,princess and you will never be forgotten,you live in my heart sweetie. Hugs and kisses, sweet Renee. Love you <3

  • Missing and loving you, my beautiful daughter. So many things remind me of you…everywhere I look I see you, my thoughts and dreams are of you. Just one more day with you…I will see you again someday,princess but I want to see you now, mommy needs you,pretty. Daddy has been so good to me as have your brothers and sisters, they all miss you too,sweetest Renee Esme. We love you,precious Renee always and forever! God Bless you my angel baby <3

  • Love you my pretty Renee Esme<3 it's sooo cold out we are all staying inside as a family and you are with us. Hugs my princess. Miss you pretty. We all love you always

  • Love and miss you, my pretty Renee Esme,more than I can ever say, I can’t wait to hold you again,love on you, kiss you. You are mommys angel princess. Love you so much sweetie and just thinking about you as always. You are my heart baby girl always <3

  • My pretty Renee Esme, I love you so much I can’t ever express how much. You should still be alive and growing inside of me…I have never wanted anything more. Love and miss you so much, princess. You are my heart and will be forever, precious child of mine. Still wondering why you were taken so soon, not sure if I will ever know, I just know how much I love you and always will and trying to believe there was a purpose so you didn’t die in vain and you are serving a purpose God has for you. Love you for eternity, sweet baby <3

  • I love you, my beautiful Renee Esme <3 always and forever. Miss you,princess. You are mommy's baby angel girl forever!

  • I love and miss you so much, my precious baby girl. I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I held you, felt you living inside of me, lost you…I’m trying to get better, to live on…I just miss you so much and ask myself why aren’t you still growing in me getting ready to be born this spring. So many unanswered questions…I will see you someday…til then, my sweet Renee Esme, know I always love you, want you and will miss you. Momma loves you, angel baby <3

  • A month ago today I found out the worst news of my entire life…you had died inside me 🙁 there is nothing worse than losing a beloved child. No parent should have to bury their children. I still remember every event of that fateful night too….it ripped my heart out. I love and want you so much!! Why did this happen?! Still trying to figure it out…I’ll be dealing hard today, my beautiful Renee Esme, beautiful angel baby princess…you are in my heart always and forever…I love you

  • A month ago today I gave birth to you, my precious child….months too soon because you died inside me…a piece of me died that day too. Saddest day in my entire life. 🙁 I really wish things had turned out different, I love and miss you and want you SO much. I try to know why this happened and know God must have had plans for you, my princess. It still hurts my heart very much. Never had I wanted anything as much as I want you. I love you more than my own life, beautiful Renee Esme. You are my heart, baby girl. I see you in my thoughts and dreams and long to hold you. I will see you someday and when I do I will embrace you and never let you go…until then, you are with God, my father, your siblings, etc and you are in good hands, they all love you. Love you always and forever sweetest angel. Always…<3

  • Love you Renee!!! Mommy misses you so much!!!! My precious sweet baby angel princess. You are in my heart always and forever <3 thinking about you daily, my beautiful daughter. Everyone loves you. Your siblings miss you so much. Some day we will all be together again. Sweet dreams,pretty. <3