Natasha I. Triplett

October 10, 1981 ‒ January 24, 2019

Powell, Ohio

Natasha I. Triplett, 37, of Powell, Ohio died unexpectedly on January 24, 2019 in El Paso, Texas.

She was born in Columbus, Ohio on October 10, 1981.  Always healthy conscientious, she enjoyed running and yoga.  Natasha worked as a massage therapist and treasured time spent hiking and camping.  She was a loving and caring mother.  A daughter and granddaughter who was a talented artist and fearlessly independent.  At times stubborn, she was a smart intellect who possessed a heart of gold.  Natasha was a sister, aunt, niece and friend, who genuinely listened and cared for those close to her.  She longed for kindness in humanity and tried to see peace and charity in those she met.

Those left to cherish her memory include her mother and step-father, Robert “Bobby” and Jane Ellen (VanHorn) Nothstine and daughter, Taleigha Triplett, all of Powell;  Natalie Triplett and Rachel Nothstine, both of Powell and Tyler Nothstine of Ashley; nieces, Charlie Williams and Lylith Tyson and nephew, Oliver Williams; grandparents, Ed and Juanita VanHorn, Jane Cremans, Robert Nothstine; father, Todd Triplett; and extended family.

Short services and a celebration of her life by her family, will be held on February 17, 2019 from 2-6 p.m. at the Concord Township Hall, 6385 Home Road, Delaware, OH 43015.

The Snyder Rodman Funeral Center, Delaware, is honored to be serving the family of Natasha Triplett.

The family suggests to do something kind for someone else, in memory of Natasha.


  • So saddened to hear about Natashas passing. She was a beautiful young woman who loveed her family. Sending my love and prayers to her children and to her mom and sister. God bless.

  • Natatasha, Tasha, Tashi and some otra silly names I cannot recall from our 23 years of frayendship…
    She is dead ahora, no more alive w/ her feist, vigor, strength and exceptionalism.
    She is survived by many, namely her teenage daughter who I can only imagine is the best bits of her rad mama. Sending love and…anything you need gal.
    Many humans experience robust things, changes and the like that shape us and most certainly this beauty full human experienced aplenty… I feel it is not my place to share the many harms she fell prey to and the harms that cycled out of her onto others and….its a feauture of her story that is unquestionably abundant for many and it is NOT OK for anybody. Its cycle is destructive.
    I failed her as a frayend…I showed up, but not when it was really needed and for this I apologize to her and her family.
    I do not pretend to understand her but I do care to share her relevance and importance to me as a human, a girl, a whoaman, a force, a frend, a mama and more, more, more.
    She and I became pals in a multitude of encounters in the ol BusTown’s crew of fringe peeps. She was always a marvel. Strength in word and tiny yet mighty. Many an adventure, a late nite cruise, an industrial dance party or Bob Evans were imbibed. When she became mama to be, our friendship grew closer and I sought to be supportive, checking in and admiring her tenacity as a single teen mother. Such a rockstar.
    Post my departing we kept in touch some and things changed abundantly for her and…she made it work despite everything.
    I attempted to keep my finger on the pulse of this familial gal pal and lost touch only to be reconnected randomly this winter.
    Twas a pretty splendid visit loaded w/ caution and pleasantries. I could not learn enuf about her present day ness and she did not care to share any details… some things never change. Love her. Upon her departure I sought to learn more about her and about her ways of being that were not helping her or her community connection.
    I did learn that she was a bad ass LMT, super committed to supporting bodies and nrgs and such and was really working at taking care of herself by herself…I suspect the person she felt most safeish around.
    That being said I realized that I needed a safe distance between us and she reached out to bridge that distance and I shared love and clearly not enuf of something to prevent her suicide in a few days.
    I do not wish to make her death about me but I do wish to learn and grow and such… that being said…I am learning more about mental health, about the resources that may be available, about friendhsip and social disconnect and communucation and mostly about LOVE. Even with my knowledge and years of work in relationing w all kinds of human people I was not exempt of mistakes.
    I LOVE HER, I MISS HER and I wish her everything that could possibly feel goodish in the spaceus unkownus. To her family and her community I love y’all and am here if that is in any way any thing.
    Thank you to any body whose every made it safe to bravely be themselves/theirselves/selves. Thank you to every human body that survives and thrives these whirled spaces and I understand when you cannot and thank you for going as hard and as good as you felt you could. LOVE YOU TASHA.

  • So sorry for your loss. Thinking of you and praying for your family during this difficult time

  • I had the pleasure of being Natasha’s massage therapy client for a few years. She had the magic touch and a wealth of knowledge.

    I’m sorry for your loss. She will be missed dearly.

  • Lament for a Niece
    By Beloved Servant

    The heart of God
    Stands by the river
    Holding my hand

    The water glistens
    Shedding the tears
    That won’t come

    Sorrow settles
    Over my shoulders
    Like a weighty mantle

    Sadness envelops
    But does not smother
    My deep sighs

    The darkness deepens
    The sounds of the earth
    Echo the cries of my heart

    Regret works its way in
    Slithering through the grass
    Threatening me
    Wounding me

    Would that I could
    Rewind the clock
    Turn the hands back
    And try again

    Take time to listen
    Offer help
    Speak a word of hope

    Would that life
    Had a rewind button
    Or a fast forward
    To a day when grief
    Has loosened its grip
    On my soul

    But life only plays
    At its own speed
    There is no pause
    Or stop
    Or rewind

    It flows like a river
    In one direction
    Over rocks
    And fallen branches
    Through dark pools
    And shallow rivulets

    Always moving
    Never stopping
    Even when
    Our heart stops

    The heart of God
    Opens my heart
    To memories
    Precious and pure

    A laugh behind a hand
    A yellow towel for hair
    A thumb well sucked

    Long talks about faith
    Faith that awakens
    Hope that heals
    Light that illumines

    Sharing journeys
    Airing doubts
    Confiding fears

    Sometimes life is stolen
    A breath at a time
    One painful breath
    One fearful sigh
    One gasp of loss

    The heart of God
    Restores life
    Bestows hope
    Comforts sorrow
    Eases fears
    If we would
    But listen

  • All of us at Auto Inspection Service give our condolences and support if you need anything. Thanks for being great customers and friends.

  • I’m so sorry for your loss. Her spirit is free and she will forever live on in your hearts. If any of you need anything please let me know. Hugs and prayers for your family. Love you

  • Natasha May you rest safely in Gods arms, with the peace you were so seeking,
    knowing all of whom you left behind love, miss, and will always carry you in our hearts.

    auntie trish

  • I have a lot to say but not a lot to talk about. Natasha as Father/Stepfather to you for 23 Years I will miss you and carry you in my Heart until I join you with your Journeys. I Love You

  • Deepest sympathy to you all. I pray God gives you peace and comfort in this very difficult time. Love, Hugs and Prayers.

  • Ellie my thoughts and prayers are with you and the family. I don’t have the words to express how sad I am for you. Give hugs to the rest of the family please. Ellie if you need anything or there’s anything I can do for you just let me know. I love you!

  • You were not only a mother to me you were also a friend, you were a mother all the time but the way you acted and the fun conversation seemed like a friend. you never failed to make a bad time fun, you took care of me before you would take care of yourself. you were my person and still are my person no matter where you are i’ll always have you in my heart and i know you’re looking over my shoulder being my guardian angel. i can’t thank you enough for being the mother you were to me it means everything, you have shaped me into the person i am today. you’re the reason why i am going to push myself to be the best i can be and live the life i have now in your honor. i will always love you and i will always miss you. it will never be a goodbye, its a see you soon 💛

  • Wanted to say how very sad to hear of the passing of Ellen’s daughter , prayers to the family Love and Prayers. Marion and Bonnie Marshall And Susan.

  • Natasha Your life was an adventure that ended way to soon. We will miss your sweet smile . May you rest in peäçe till God calls us all home. Love G-ma Jane.

  • Natasha and I were high school sweethearts and she was my first true love. Those years weren’t easy, especially when you’re not like everyone else, but together we found a great measure of happiness. Natasha had a very difficult childhood, knowing suffering in ways no child ought to but she persevered with grace. She never sought sympathy for what she endured, she just pushed on through with an incredible inner strength. On the surface, she was very strong and fierce and someone not to be crossed, but underneath that tough veneer she was incredibly gentle, kind, compassionate and loyal. Our paths diverged when she and her family moved out of state to Florida, an event that was devastating to us both in our youth. Though we were on separate journeys from that point forward, we remained friends and stayed in touch for a number of years after she moved back to Ohio.

    Natasha introduced me to her daughter Taleigha when she was still just a baby. She was the first newborn baby I ever held. She napped in my arms while we all watched a movie together. I remember being equally amazed both by the creation of new life and by Natasha’s tremendous strength and courage to raise that child alone when she was still so young herself. My heart breaks now both for Natasha’s passing and for Taleigha’s great loss. May your mothers strength, tenacity and bravery live on through you dear child.

    Natasha and I stayed in touch for a couple years after I started my career out of state. I’d try my best to provide comforting words of support whenever she reached out, but regrettably, we eventually fell out of touch. I always thought we would speak again one day. I regret now not taking the initiative to bridge the gap earlier. I’ve been very happily married with a family of my own for some time but I’ve never forgotten about or stopped caring for Natasha as a dear friend. She’s always been in my thoughts and prayers. I frequently hoped and prayed that she may find and hold the happiness she truly deserved. I was so proud of her when I learned she got her LMT license and started her own private business. She had a gentle soothing touch and was destined to be a natural healer. I don’t know much about the last stretch of her journey or her final chapter. I wish that we would have kept the lines of communication open and that I could have provided for her more words of support and encouragement. I wish her story had a happy ending. May she finally rest in peace. Natasha may be gone, but she will live on eternally through the memories and stories shared by those that knew and loved her. She will also live on through the positive ripples spreading forth from her acts of kindness and the healing she bestowed upon others. Goodbye Tashi. We will all cherish the memory of you, always & forever.


    • This is a beautiful memory and I thank you for sharing it with us. I have missed her so much it hurts.

  • Ellen, I was trying to locate you and came across this heartbreaking news. I can’t begin to tell you how incredibly sorry I am at the loss of your beautiful girl. I know your heart is shattered but I also know how great your faith is. Lean on God for strength and allow those around you to help in any way you need. And know that I am praying for you and sending you my love.

  • Oh Natasha, with your beautiful spirit and troubled soul. You came to my home for about four years, every other week as my massage therapist. You left a mark on my heart as I hope I did on yours. Thank you for your healing therapy and the times you opened up and showed me glimpses into your personal life. Your distrust of people left me saddened to hear. But the joy in your voice when you spoke of your Daughter, Sister, Mom and Step Dad was wonderful! I know you loved them dearly with every fiber of your precious being. When you added Remy to your family, you opened your heart to your furry friend. I am so sorry this world failed you and that you never understand how much you gave and lightened the lives of us who appreciated you so much. I trust you have found your peace somewhere over the rainbow and are soaring with great joy! My beliefs vary from yours, but I know my God is showing you great love and mercy. You may be gone from sight, but you are never forgotten.