Jessica “Page” Tartar

March 02, 1979 ‒ August 07, 2008

Mansfield, Ohio

Jessica “Page” Tarter, 29, passed away August 7, 2008 at her long time residence, The Raintree, in Mansfield.

Page was born March 2, 1979 to Wanda Tarter in Lebanon, Indiana. She moved to Ohio and into The Raintree in 1982 and has resided there since.

Page was a beautiful, young woman whose bright, brown eyes and big smile would warm the hearts of all who knew her. Below are quotes from the staff who have worked with Page for more than 20 years:

– Page is very sweet and laughs a lot.

– Page is sweet-natured, beautiful smile and eyes. She has beautiful, curly, black hair.

– I love Page’s disposition, she is always happy and smiling.

– Page has a very pleasant personality.

– Page has a cute smile.

– When Page smiles it just brightens up the whole room.

– She has really pretty hair, and a very nice skin complexion, she reminds you of a “china doll”.

– Page is a wonderful and pleasant lady. She is very sweet and willing to do whatever you suggest.

– I like her laugh.

– Always bubbly, smiling, and she sometimes laughs.

– Page is happy go lucky most times and so precious. I love her to pieces; plus we share the same birthday.

– I like Page’s disposition; she is always in a happy mood, always smiling, pleasant to work with. She is a beautiful individual.

Her china doll appearance will be remembered by all no matter if the time spent with her was short or long. She will be sadly missed by her family and all of her “extended family,” the staff of The Raintree. Page is survived by her mother, Wanda Turner, one sister, Shelby Turner, two brothers, Mathew and Davis Turner of New York, maternal grandparents Jim and Doris Tarter, and an Uncle Roger Tarter and his family of Indiana.

A memorial service will be held at The Raintree on August 20, 2008 at 2:00pm. Contributions on Page’s behalf, can be made to The Raintree to assist other individuals who reside there.