Grant C. Coon

March 14, 1953 ‒ January 14, 2020

Mount Vernon, Ohio

It is with heavy hearts that the family of Grant C. Coon announce his passing. Grant passed away unexpectedly and peacefully due to natural causes at his home January 14 th , 2020. Although we return him to the earth, we are grateful for the cherished memories and will carry him in our hearts forever.

To be honest, Grant would most likely be unhappy that we are writing this; however, decorum and our love for him, our friends and family requires it. Grant’s story began on March 14 th , 1953 at 10:35am in Mercy Hospital in Mount Vernon, Ohio. He was born to proud parents Wm. Paul and Betty Katherine (Bosart) Coon and an older brother Lance whom Grant idolized. Grant was a somewhat mischievous child; a trait that would follow him throughout his life.

As a child he frequently took tools, equipment and toys apart to see how they worked, never to be put back together again—one can imagine his mom’s reaction to finding the inner workings of an “Etch-a-Sketch”. His sons seem to have inherited this trait. Grant grew up in the north end of town and attended MTV city schools, where tormenting his teachers often took priority over his schoolwork. He graduated from MVHS in 1971. He enlisted in the United States Navy in 1972 and served as a “radio operator” aboard the USS John F. Kennedy for four years (“it’s a boat”).

He loved to share stories about his time in the service, including his travels to foreign countries, and the life-long friendships forged. If you get a chance, ask Doug Bivins to tell you the one about the “dinner rolls”! Grant was honorably discharged from the Navy in 1976 and returned home where he quickly adapted to a civilian life of leisure and enjoyed hanging out with family and friends. His roots were firmly planted back in Mount Vernon and he had no desire to live elsewhere.

Grant worked for the railroad for many years; he enjoyed being outside, the physical labor and the comradery of the crew. When the railroad industry declined, Grant explored other opportunities and eventually obtained a position with the City of Mount Vernon, Water andWastewater Division. During his 26 years with the City he was also an active member of the OCSEA/AFSCME unions; he served as President and was on the Executive Board of the local union as well as being a member of the Executive Board of District 5. Oh yes, Grant was a staunch Democrat and could talk your ear off about politics and current world events. He was a voracious reader had an amazing memory of all things related to politics, history and warfare. Now, remembering what he was to pick up at the store…that was another matter!

Grant and Kathy (Umbaugh) Coon married in 1987 and raised two wonderful sons’; Wm. Trevor Coon, now 30 yrs. and Kyle C. Coon, now 27 yrs. Grant was a fantastic dad; he changed diapers, made and fed bottles, carted the boys to and from the babysitter; he was present at every wrestling, football, soccer, and baseball event. He helped to coach, grate the fields, and worked the concession stand. He was always happy, telling stories, andencouraging the boys, celebrating the wins and picking them up after the defeats. Grant and Kathy divorced amicably after 27 years and remained committed to cohesive support of their sons. In 2015, Grant reached his goal of retirement from the City of Mount Vernon. He was well prepared for “afternoon naps and Hostess snacks”.

He was able to travel from Arizona to Key West, and many places in-between, with his girlfriend Marcy. They also enjoyed many concerts, sporting events and visiting old friends. Our only wish for Grant was that he could have enjoyed his retirement and time with Marcy a bit longer. Some of Grant’s favorite pastimes included watching the Buckeyes win on a Saturday, and the Browns lose on a Sunday, with his sons Trevor and Kyle; listening to many genres ofmusic and attending concerts, playing the drums, riding his motorcycle, camping, going to races at Mid-Ohio and attending sporting events, fishing, and most importantly spending time with family and friends. Grant’s life would be incomplete without the tears and laughter shared with many friends known for decades such as Bailey, Tes, Belcher, Fick, Mondo, Schmidty, Pat, Doug Bivins and numerous others. We know he will be sadly missed. Surviving are sons Wm. Trevor and Kyle C. Coon, brother Lance (Judy) Coon, nephews Noel Hoblit, Brian (Adrienne) Hoblit, and Chris Umbaugh, cousins Valorie, Mike, Tom and Linda; girlfriend Marcy Welsh, former spouse Kathy (Umbaugh) Coon, andformer brother-in-law Steven L. Umbaugh. Family members passing from this life before Grant include his son Corey Umbaugh Coon, parents Paul and Betty Coon, niece Candice Umbaugh, cousin Paula Bosart, many treasured aunts and uncles from the Coon and Bosart families, and other beloved family members. Grant also joins his circle of friends that passed too soon; Chuck, Rick, Carl, and Gorsh. Our hearts are broken but we are uplifted by the connections and stories shared by those who knew Grant.

Family and friends are invited to join in a celebration of Grant’s life Friday, January 31 st from 5pm-9pm at the Apple Valley Club House, 3725 Apple Valley Drive, Howard, Ohio. Please come and “Share a Story and Raise a Glass”. Grant will be laid to rest with military honors provided by the Knox County Joint Veteran’s Council; graveside service Saturday, February 1 st , 10am, Moundview Cemetery, Mount Vernon, Ohio. In lieu of flowers, the family suggest contributions be made to the charity of your choice.

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  • My sympathies to Grant’s family. I have many fond memories of Grant starting from grade school, graduation and beyond. He was always a joy to talk to and spend time with. I will miss running into him around town. RIP old friend.

    • Thank you Janice! It’s been so nice to connect with my father’s friends. The stories and memories definitely help in this time.

  • Even though Grant was a year ahead of me all through school, I remember him well. He was just basically a “nice” guy. When I married Tim , it was interesting to find out that Grant was a distant cousin to Tim on his mother’s side (Mona Coon Wolford). Small town living creates connections like that!
    Deepest sympathy to all of your family for the loss of a great man way too soon. May your memories bring you smiles in the days to come as life is forever changed to a “new normal”.
    Most sincerely,
    Tim and Lou Ann Veatch Wolford

    • I don’t know if I ever met Tim, but he is Grant’s and my second cousin (our grandfathers Leonard Sr and WC being brothers). Thank you for the note. We will always miss him.
      Lance Coon

  • I am so sorry for your loss. We had so much at conferences. He always cracked me up. Grant is going to be missed so much.

  • So sorry for the passing of Grant , we talked a lot thru the years , he reminded my of Clark Grizwald from Christmas Vacation . Rest easy my brother !!!

  • Kathy ,Trevor,and Kyle I’m so very sorry for your loss Grant had a good soul always had a joke for you he was a great father to you boys and will be greatly missed you all our in my prayers may God comfort you through these difficult times. God Bless Greg And Connie and Cody

  • To all of Grant’s family, my deepest sympathy, love, thoughts and prayers surround you. You have so many fond, fun and funny memories! Hope those memories will bring peace and comfort to your journey through the grief and sadness.
    My dad, Russ “Buck” Beeman was a good friend of Paul. I remember the boys in younger years; I certainly see where Grant’s orneriness came from……he certainly looks like his dad.

    Bonnie Beeman

    • Thanks, Bonnie. I remember you and your mom and Dad well, visiting your house on Upper Fredericktown Rd. Your dad and our father loved to pile into a car and go to the races. Thanks for your kind note.

  • Dear Kathy, I’m so sorry for your loss. Grant sounds like a wonderful man. I never had the pleasure of meeting him but you can tell that he meant a lot to many people by reading his obit. My heart goes out to you, your sons, and all of his family. God bless you all ! Love, Val

  • Dear Kathy, Trevor, and Kyle….I can imagine Grant tearing up, and…..lovingly smile upon reading his obituary…..beautifully written for a special man….Grant always made me feel at home with his stories when Candice, Chris and I stayed with you guys in Mt Vernon! Good memories. You’re in our thoughts and heart… from Susie, Nick, Addison and Morgan

  • My heart is saddened , Grant was a strong Union Brother. Prayers for the family. We always talked about the Cleveland Indians and Grant always had something to say about how the season is going. I will miss that..

  • I knew Grant while both of us worked for the City of Mount Vernon. He was of great assistance to me when I was making a job transition/promotion within the city (he was president of the employees’ union at the time). He would stop in to see me after, just to see how things were going, which he did not have to do. It was just his way. So sorry to hear of his passing. My sympathies to his family and friends.

  • I am so very sorry for your loss. Grant was such a funny and kind man. He will missed by so many people especially his union brothers and sisters! I’ll miss seeing him on wednesdays. You are all in my thoughts and prayers!

  • We are sorry about Grant’s passing. He left us too soon. There were more jokes and stories to tell. We will remember with fondness the ones he already told. The whole family is in our thoughts and prayers.

    Michael, Laura and Ethan Abell

  • Grant will be missed by so many. Whenever we attended a conference or other meetings, he would always shoot his way across the room to tell me his latest jokes or funny stories. He touched the hearts of so many – has always given of his time to help others and I am so blessed to have been able to know him and to have him as a friend. Rest in peace Grant.

  • Lance and Judy, Kathy, Trevor and Kyle:
    I am so sorry for your heartache and loss of our loving and funny brother, dad, husband and cousin! There are no words to express the loss I know that we all feel. I have had so many flashbacks since the time I heard of his leaving us and they are all good! Growing up as cousins and either playing at the house on Hilltop Drive, or in Brandon or at Grandma and Grandpa’s on Taylor Road we always had fun! Though the four of us cousins all went our separate ways I know that in our hearts we have always held each other close and that’s what makes this so hard. I do know that Grant will be forever the entertainer for those that have gone before and I also know that he couldn’t be more proud of you two Trevor and Kyle! I know that you are there for each other and your Mom and he would be proud of you stepping up!!
    Lance – I am so sorry I cannot be there to celebrate tonite and it’s taken me a while just to be able to write this. Know that I love you and am sending you our special handshake!! We are forever connected by that 🙂 (Scrunge)
    Kathy – I am so sorry that I won’t be there to give you the biggest hug and I know how much you must be hurting. I send you my love and prayers!
    Blessings and RIP Grant!

    • Thanks, Val, for such a kind note. Jeanette must have read it before the celebration of life because she wanted me to shake her hand. Because Mike was there, we spent a lot of time remembering our cousin moments, which for me continued through high school as well with us dating each other’s best friends for a while. I hope we get a chance to reconnect in person ourselves if Judy and I come to Chicago or you make it to Arizona. Love you.

  • My heartfelt condolences to Kathy, Trevor, Kyle, Lance and Judy for your loss. It was with much sadness that we felt with you all last week but so great to see everyone and reflect on the many memories shared over the years! As such I wanted to put in words as a remembrance of Grant and my recollection of our life….

    “Where do I begin….I guess it is best to start from the earliest memories I have growing up with Grant in Mt Vernon. It’s difficult to put into a few words but suffice it to say we shared many times and many things together. Our families were very close so naturally there were many family gatherings. Whether it was at his house on Northview Dr (I called it the “Hill”) or at mine in Brandon (or the “Farm” since it was in the country and we had a couple of pet sheep) and later when we moved in town on Melick St or at Grandma Nora’s on Taylor Rd we always had such great times!”

    “At these gatherings the Grownups usually confined the four of us kids (Lance and Grant, Valorie and myself) to the basement or outside (when it was nice). As a result we shared many things. Grant and I, being the youngest and unusually bored most of the time, would make up or invent things to do (which mostly ended in some form of punishment). Be it flinging mashed potatoes at the neighbor’s tree, sneaking into Grandpa Coon’s room, playing with matches, roughhousing in the basement, breaking into the secret room over the porch at Grandma Nora’s or riding the scooters down the “Forbidden Hill”! Whatever it was we had fun (and luckily never got hurt). Oh and we learned the HARD way “you don’t try to hide cigarette butts in Grandma’s flower pots up stairs! She will find them and tell your Dad’s (guess we deserved that but got through it)! When we were old enough we caddied at the MtV CC, hanging out at the caddy shack (yea just like the movie) waiting for the Head Caddy Master to call our names. Didn’t make much (Grant said he only got a dollar one time from some “cheap bastard” and also had to pick up the thrown clubs and find lost balls!) But we took what we could get and called it a day. On Mondays caddies were allowed to play for free so it made up for something. Had some great times playing and guess there was some “club throwing” of our own. One particular round Grant got so frustrated he threw every club in his bag and then threw the bag! I told him, “You know you gotta pick all those up now” and he replied, “Yea, I know, but if felt so damn good!” But it was all good and we’d come back the next week for another round. So many good times…..and lost balls…as the story goes…”

    “We grew up in the age of “Rock N Roll”, Hopsack pants, Paisley shirts, Beatle Boots and 3.2 Beer! And yep, there were “Eight Days a Week”! We hung out at “The Keg” on W Chestnut St where the brews were cold and the bartender played Smokey Robinson and the Miracles on the Jukebox and we talked about what we were going to do after High School. Life was great, everything was cool and we had it all figured out. We REALLY were “Born to be Wild” (or we thought so)!”

    “After graduation we went separate ways. Reality hit and we got jobs, joined the service, got married and started our own families. While Grant enlisted in the Navy I chose the Air Force. After our tours he returned to MTV and continued his life while I moved to Colorado and eventually Florida. But on those occasions when I came back to visit the folks we’d pick up right where we left off like always. I so enjoyed catching up on all the happenings around town. Grant was the ultimate story teller. He knew something about everything and everyone and made us all laugh so much it was hard to catch all that he was saying! His stories brought so much joy to everyone who had the privilege of hearing just one! I wish I could recall them all! But those that I do will live on in my memory and from time-to-time bring a smile or a silent laugh upon recollection.”

    “Grant was so supportive and caring when mom and dad passed away in 2004 going out of his way to lend a hand, opening his home and being there for us! I, we will be forever grateful! He was a good Son, Brother, loving husband to Kathy and father to his sons Trevor and Kyle.”

    “Grant, I would like to say, you were more than just my cousin. You were my compadre, class mate, golf bud, partner in crime, fellow Vet but mostly my friend and the brother I never had. There are no words to express the significance of your life and how much it meant to me and for all the adventures we shared. I know your passing will leave a sadness on your loved ones and all who knew you. But you lived a good life, on your terms and gave so much to so many! You will surely be missed but the memories of you will remain with those who have had the opportunity to know you!”

    “Rest in Peace Brother, until we meet again….”

    • Mike, that is such a wonderful remembrance. I’m a little teary reading all the wonderful images you included in your stories of Grant and your relationship with him. I’m so glad you and Jeanette and Tanya made it up for the celebration and service. And please forgive me for my brain fart when I didn’t recognize you at first.

  • I wasn’t ready to leave a remembrance during our weekend in Ohio. But reading all the comments that have been left here reminds me what a rich life my brother Grant had, how many other lives he touched, what a good brother and father and friend he was to so many people. Reading these notes is painful, but in a good way. I feel the loss of my brother but also his warmth and goodness and the kindness and love of all his friends. Thank you to everyone who has posted here. It means a great deal to me, even to read the notes from people I never knew.

  • Trev Kyle Lance Judy Kathy Marcy
    I like Lance was having a hard time of what to say!
    But after reading cousin Mike (Coons) note… Mike crossed All the T’s and Dotted All the I’s about Grant!
    That was “COONIE”!!!!
    Until we meet up again!