Dale Everett Wolf

August 21, 1945 ‒ January 20, 2021

Mansfield, Ohio

A life of faith.  Dale Everett Wolf walked peacefully into the arms of Jesus on January 20, 2021, with Marcia, his loving wife of 55 years and family friends around him.  Dale believed in the truth of Jesus, His Grace, Mercy and Love for all and certainly lived his life in such a way to demonstrate those qualities to those he met.

Dale was born on August 21, 1945 in Mansfield, Ohio.  The early months of Dale’s life were uncertain as he moved from one foster home to another.  He experienced grace early in life being adopted at 16 months of age to the late Fritz and Molly Wolf.  Dale attended and graduated (1963) from Mansfield Senior High.  During his high school years, Dale, met the one and only woman for him, Marcia. His first love, though, was always his Lord.  Marcia and Dale saw one another for several years by attending church functions before she was able to date at 16.  As it was always meant to be, the two were married in 1965.

In 1966, Dale joined the Army and went to work for the Army Security Agency in Maryland.  Dale advanced quickly, attaining the rank of Sargent. In 1967, he was blessed enough to not have to travel to Vietnam and was able to serve his remaining time in Hawaii until 1969.   Upon his Honorable Discharge, Dale received the National Defense Service Medal for his exceptional service in the army. In 1967, their son, Mark was born and after returning to Mansfield, Dale took the best gainful employment in town, which was the factories around Mansfield.  With another son, John, born in 1971, Dale always did everything in his power to provide for his family, as they meant the world to him.  He even remained at the factory  when he graduated in 1982 with an Associate’s Degree in Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities.  As much as he wanted to help others, Dale knew caring for and taking care of his family came first.  Dale loved his children so much; he even took a second job at Burger King to pay for his son to have a graduation party.  With a reputation for “closing factories,” Dale worked at National Seating for 8 years and they closed, Tappan for 4 years and they closed.  Finally, retiring from Merrilatt after 10 years, they closed their doors too.

Later in his life, as his children left the nest and began their own lives, Dale looked to the community to help other people.  He was a Deacon at Diamond Hills Baptist where they attended church for several years.  Dale served as Director of Concern Ministries for 5 years. He was a great encourager and supporter when he volunteered at The Crisis Hotline answering phones.  The past 22 years, Dale has served on the technical team at Crossroads Community Church, also serving in the leadership at Celebrate Recovery at Crossroads.  It was there, Dale met many of his family-friends.  Those he blessed with his friendship, love and Fatherly advice over the last years of his life.  Those of us who will miss you greatly, but rejoice knowing we will see you later.  It came as no surprise to us that even past the age of seventy, you served at the Episcopal Church’s food bank every week, until last year.

Dale was first diagnosed in 2001 with stage 4 Nasal Pharyngeal cancer.  Dale went into Stephan-Johnson syndrome at that time and almost died.  Marcia believes the next 20 years was a gift from God as he was healed of both.  Dale enjoyed many hobbies and activities over the years.  Chess was a particular favorite of his and he even played a friend days before passing and “was kind in beating” him.  Friends loved playing cornhole and foosball with Dale.  A special friend who beat Dale to heaven was given their very first cornhole set by Dale.  It just happened to be Dale’s favorite team, The Cleveland Browns.  Dale was also an avid Indians and OSU fan as well. Dale loved to play golf too, but was only able to catch the occasional game.

Dale and Marcia attended Mosaic Meals.  They had a wonderful relationship with all those who came and the volunteer workers.  It was at Mosaic, Dale and Marcia met and got to know, Tony Pingitore.  The family would like to personally thank, Tony, for his love and concern during Dale’s final days.  Along with his devoted, loving wife, Marcia, Dale is survived by his son, Mark A. (Mary Jo) Wolf, their children, Ethan and Adanna, and son, John F. Wolf II.

Over their 60 years together, Dale was a devoted Christian husband, and as such, he modeled the faithfulness and loving kindness of Jesus.  His faith was beautiful in its simplicity and devotion.  All who came into contact with Dale experienced his gentle, quiet, kind and gracious spirit.  The fruits of the spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control and Dale certainly had and shared these with everyone.  A unique experience was being able to celebrate Dale’s life with him a few days before he passed.  We were able to express our gratitude and love to him for how he has blessed our lives with his unfailing faith and devotion to Christ and his wife, Marcia. Dale’s    ultimate joy was his friends, family and faith.  A life, and death, well lived.

Dale’s beloved four-legged children, his precious cats, were a constant companion to him.  They would gather on Dale and Marcia’s dual recliner to keep them company.  Friends of the family kindly request in lieu of flowers, please, help care for Dale’s four legged children, his fur babies, so they may continue to comfort Marcia.  Donate for their care to Appleseed Valley Veterinarians @ 419-884-1074.  Thank you for your generosity in helping care for their babies.

Special Thanks to Kindred Hospice for their kindness.


  • I love you both Marcia and Jason and I are here for you. I was honored to be there with Dale and you until his last breath. Hugs, kisses and always our love.

  • Dale glorified the Lord in life and even in death as this beautiful obituary reveals. The words from Matthew 25:21 apply:”Well done, good and faithful servant.” My heart aches for his beautiful, beloved wife,Marcia but we will do our best to rally around her and lift her up.
    My sympathy to the family. Praying that the Lord’s comfort will sustain you all.

  • Many prayers and love. Dale loved the Lord and it radiated. He did it all with a smile…even folding laundry at the city center he did with joy. You and Dale loved one another well, you reflected Jesus love for his bride in so many ways. Your sense of humor and his grin at you when you were teasing or your serving one another always. What a testimony you 2 share in your 60 years of life together, a love that is so rare anymore. I can’t imagine the welcoming Dale received and the pat on the back and the huge smile as Jesus says “well done my good and faithful one, come rest with me”. The flesh side aches as we temporarily say see ya but thank God he has promised that this is just temporary. So until you are reunited with your love hold fast to the promises of God and his word and remember that you are a strong warrior also. I love you!!

  • Marcia. I will truly miss Dale and his kindness I love u both and here for u Anytime ,Stephanie

  • Marcia, please know how much I am praying for you and your family. I am still going thru what you are know having to do alone. The tears will flow and at times it is so hard but the one good things is that our guys are no longer in pain but with God now. Call me or text me so we can get together. I remember all the times together at Park Ave Baptist Church soso many years ago.love you friend.

  • Whenever we needed a hand technically at Crossroads Church Dale was available! He helped us endless times and was a very valuable team member! Dale will be greatly missed! ❤️

  • I am so sorry about your loss momma Marcia. I love you and Daddy Dale. How are your fur babies.I miss you Dale but I am also glad you are not suffering any more. Welcome to your home in heaven.

  • Marcia,
    All of us at the Grace Church Pantry loved Dale and mourn with you while we give thanks for Dale’s faith and witness. I am thankful that he is not suffering any longer and we will give thanks for his life and witness in Church tomorrow.

    Father Joe Ashby

  • Marcia, even though Dale is with Jesus, I know you will still have pain and grief. Praying God’s comfort will sustain you in the coming days.I’m happy to know that you are surrounded with loving friends. Prayers,too, for your boys and their families.

  • I am very truly sorry for your loss , Marcia. Dale was a great friend to me . He will surely be missed

  • My prayers are with you Marcia and Mark. Dale was a great man, whose love for the Lord shown brightly. What a great reunion day, we will have one day.

  • We were shock to read the passing of Dale. Dale and I knew each other, and as friends, from when he and I started first grade at Woodland Elementary School. Even though we have gone our separate ways we have stayed in touch, and remember when us two couples attended the musical concert at Berean Baptist Church. It was a joyful reunion. Marcia and the Boys you have our deepest sympathy. Dale has a special place in my heart. Dale is now in heaven looking down on us all, and we all have good memories of him that will always be with us.

  • Marcia. My sincere sympathy to you for the loss of Dale. So many times you told me when he needed emergency treatment God had him in the right place at the right time. He is now too. Youre long time friend met through Crossroads. Sorry missed his passing at the time.