Vincent Charles Harold

December 08, 1948 ‒ October 13, 2020

Sunbury, Ohio
Formerly of Youngstown, Ohio

Vincent Charles Harold III, age 71, died suddenly on Tuesday, October 13, 2020 at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center with his loving family by his side.  After a career in Sales Vince retired and became a Client Liaison at The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center, the favorite job of his career.

Vince lived to help others and was most proud of his children and their successes and for providing them with better opportunities than he had growing up.  He enjoyed spontaneous car trips even if it was just to get a hot dog, hours away from home.

Born December 8, 1948 in Newark, NJ to the late Vincent C. II and Katherine M. (Downs) Harold.

Vince is survived by his wife, the other half of the “Dynamic Duo”, Dorothy C. (Boysen) Harold; son and daughter-in-law, Jeremy and Katie Harold of N. Lima, OH; daughters and sons-in-law, Jennifer and Chad Dennewitz of Sunbury, Jessica and Ryan Wester of Galena; grandchildren, Ethan, Hannah, Abbie, Henry, Carly, Holly and Griffin; other relatives and friends.

A private funeral will be held for the family.

In lieu of flowers donations may be made to: The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center’s Behavior Medicine Fund.  Checks should be made out to The OSU Foundation, Memo Fund#313421, and mail to: Tiffany Connors, Veterinary Medicine Academic Building, 1900 Coffey Road, Columbus, OH  43210 in Vince’s memory.

The DeVore-Snyder Funeral Home is honored to serve the Harold family.  Please share a memory or condolence with the family on this website.

  • You welcomed me on my very first day at OSU. You immediately knew I wasn’t an OSU student and took the time to talk to me and figured out which school I came from. You always remembered my dog Gracie when she came in for her rehab appointments and we will forever miss that welcoming smile. Thank you for being my first friend. Thank you for making OSU feel like a second home. You will be forever missed Vince.

  • I was so sad to see the picture and message of Vince’s passing; when i stopped by the OSU Veterinary Hospital today. I was so accustomed to Vince’s smile and warm welcome over the years. He was always so nice and helpful to so many. Whether they were there to just pick up medicine, like me dropping greyhounds off to give blood or in a time of sorrow, when someone had lost their forever furry friend. It was not the same today and will not ever be the same again; without Vince there greeting myself and the greyhounds. I am sorry for your family’s loss. I send you love and prayers during this very difficult time. Please know, that Vince was very good man, and his inner spirit/glow always shined bright no matter the time or day. He will be missed by every single person that had the pleasure of knowing/meeting him. Im sincerely sorry for your loss.

  • Vince and I met through our time at the OSU Vet Clinic when I would bring my girlfriend’s dog in for weekly rehab appointments. We quickly hit it off once we found out we were practically neighbors (Sunbury and Centerburg). We got to talking and I quickly learned how great of a man Vince was, and how much he cared and loved his family. Every week I always looked forward to Wednesday’s just so I could talk to Vince. You will be missed.

  • I worked with Vince for several years at The OSU Vet Hospital. He had a great sense of humor and was a true “people person”! Knowing him was a privilege. He will truly be missed by so many!❤️

  • Vince’s warmth, grace, smile and dad-jokes will be missed every day. He was so often the first face of my often emotional challenging appointments and met every day and client with a smooth compassionate approach. He became a champion for all visitors to the hospital furry and upright alike. I felt lucky every day to work with him, to hear stories about his family and get to know him.

  • The thought of walking into the OSU-VMC and not seeing Vince’s smiling face nor hearing a cheesy dad joke to start my day breaks my heart. Seldom do we encounter someone with as natural a positivity as him. No matter how stressful your day, no matter how tough a patient you just walked away from, you always felt better if you wandered through the lobby just to bump into Vince. His impact on his work family could be felt daily. I can only imagine what a caring, compassionate, and cheerful presence he was for his close friends and family. I am so terribly sorry for your loss. Vince was truly one of a kind and I will miss him dearly. My deepest condolences.

  • Vince would wait for me every morning at work. Every day when I walked in he would say “hey I’ve been waiting on you! It’s good to see ya!” And it always made me smile. I recently got married and Vince would always give me marriage advice and tell me stories about him and his wife and there was always so much love in his voice when he told them. He always had me laughing and we had so many jokes together. All I had to do was look at him sometimes and he would start laughing because he knew what I was thinking. He was also always there if I needed help with anything. If a client was upset and started taking it out on me he would come to my rescue and step in and help diffuse the situation. Because of Vince I will now forever tell dogs “you’re not too friendly, you’re three friendly!” Such a silly dad joke but it will stick with me forever. He had so many dad jokes, that we will continue to use to keep him in our daily lives at work. He’s already so terribly missed by not only me, but the entire VMC community. He’s made such an impact on so many people. I remember when I got the job my mom told me about when she had to take her dog there and she mentioned how great the guy in the lobby was. I said that’s Vince! He’s the best!

    Sending so much love and so many hugs to his family during this time. Vince was truly a one of a kind. ❤️

  • Vince was such a unique soul, and I feel lucky to have worked with him. He had a way with dogs and humans – he told me once that no matter how fearful or aggressive the dog, he just kept the same steady tone of voice and the same walking pace. I watched him do it: dogs who were tremendously afraid of strangers just knew, intuitively, that Vince was a friend and would calmly follow him anywhere. I wrecked my scooter a few years ago, which we both found hilarious – and until the last time we spoke in the hallway at work he affectionately called me “Scooter” which would make me laugh no matter what kind of day I was having. I will miss you, Vince, and I can’t imagine how much your family will miss you, too.

  • Vince was always a bright spot in our lobby – he was a calming friendly presence to my patient, my clients and me. I will miss him. He truly cares about us all. Thank you, Vince, for all you did for us.

  • I have no words to express my sadness for the passing of Vince. He was a shining star and made visits by our clients to the Ohio State Veterinary Medical Center so much better. He was so kind and welcoming to all clients and really put them at ease through his outgoing, approachable, caring and compassionate approach. I will find it difficult to walk into the Veterinary Medical Center with my two dogs, Travis and Teddy, or with guests or friends whom I am giving a tour without Vince’s smile, upbeat and positive attitude, and his pride in the incredible work he did and the impact he had. We are so fortunate to have had Vince with us for the time we did and I know all of our clients who had the fortunate opportunity to meet him share in our collective sadness and sympathy. To his family, friends and colleagues, I express my deepest and most sincere condolences. We all share in your loss and emptiness. My thoughts and prayers will be with all of you.

  • Vince was the king of the “dad joke.” He’d come to my office to shoot the breeze and was so proud of the work he did, particularly with families that were close to saying “goodbye” to their furry friends. He ALWAYS made a point to ask me how my daughter was doing. He talked, fondly, of his wife, kids and grandkids. (He just told me a great story about being “the driver” for his wife and girls to the lake. He loved his family.)
    Vince, I’m pretty sure you’ve earned your honorary social work degree!

  • I am saddened by hearing about Vince’s passing. From the day I walked into the Lobby he was a friendly face, a face that I found myself looking for everyday that followed as I arrived at work or visited the front desk. You could read me and how my day was going without me having to say anything. You always lit up the lobby and never failed to make us laugh and appreciate life. Your love for your family was overpowering and you taught me to be grateful for what we have and cherish your loved ones. You were truely a special person and I feel lucky to have met you. Give all our fluffy friends that crossed the rainbow bridge up there a cuddle from the VMC family. Rest in peace Vince, you will always be remembered.

  • It is so much easier to come to work when you know one of the first faces you see will have a radiant smile and be ready with a top notch dad joke. Vince was a friend to all. He always asked about my son and follow up our conversation with a funny story about his children or grand children or some sage parenting advice. His familiar and kind face also brought comfort to so many clients that enter the VMC. Vince’s passing leaves an incredible hole in our hearts and to friends and family, please know that there is a whole hospital of employees and clients that are thinking of you.

  • I am truly saddened by the sudden unexpected loss of Vince. I loved coming in to work and being greeted by him. He was always upbeat and positive. Whenever I forgot my badge he would crack jokes as he let me through the doors. He loved cuddling with my dog Melee and always asked how my dogs were doing.
    He was such a great man and walking into work will never be the same without him. I appreciated him so much and he will always be remembered as a positive and uplifting person that made everyone’s day better.
    My condolences to all his family and friends and just know that he had hundreds of friends here at OSU and he has left a lasting impression on everyone here. We will miss him terribly.

  • I struggle to find the words to express how I feel. I can not imagine how his family must feel.
    So many stories & memories of Vince; The puns and corny jokes, how he spoke in song lyrics, the humor he found in situations and his charisma. He is a key member of our work family.
    The one thing I truly love about Vince is when he talked about his family. Family was very important to him. He talked about his children and grandchildren and the grand pups. My favorite was when he spoke of Dorothy his eyes sparkled.
    I am filling the hole in my heart with memories of Vince and keeping his family in my thoughts.

  • I was so heartbroken to see Vince’s picture and note at OSU VMC when I walked in for an appointment today. We are praying for you and your daily and sending love. Thank you for sharing Vince with us. He was always so welcoming, loving, and kind to my husband and I and our goldens. He also helped several of my friends who had to euthanize pets atOSU VMC. He brought such joy, comfort, and love to so many people and animals. I will forever miss his face every time I walk in to OSU VMC. I have a feeling many humans and animals he blessed met him with such love on his journey home.

  • I was shocked to find out about Vincent’s passing today when my Corgi, Patch and I went for his rehab appointment today. We will miss your silly greetings everytime we come into the hospital and hearing you say “Hi, Big Wheels!” As Patch is in a wheelchair. Rest in peace.

    -Victoria and Patch Knecht

  • We haven’t been neighbors very long, but from day one Vince was always so kind. I will miss seeing him on his riding mower while we cut our lawns.

    Our condolences to Dorothy and family.
    Lynn, Peter and Melissa

  • There is now an unmistakable void at work without Vince’s wonderful presence. Everyday I make multiple trips to the lobby, and Vince was always there to exchange a wave or a smile or a pleasant chat. The kindness and warmth of his soul was palpable, and truly one of a kind. Everyone at the OSU VMC will miss him tremendously, as he made our little corner of the world so much brighter. My thoughts are with his friends and family during this devastating time.

  • Vince was always such a warm, friendly presence at the hospital. I only worked there for a year, but I lost count of how many of my clients sang his praises! He must have touched thousands of lives, both animal and human. He was an institution, and will be sorely missed.

  • I am so sorry for your loss. May God bless you all and may Vinnie Rest In Peace. Dorothy I will say a prayer for you and your family.

  • We are so very sorry to hear of Vince’s passing. Have thought of this family so often.! Our children grew up together at church. Our thoughts and prayers are with Dorothy and the family.

  • This is heartbreaking. He was always so nice to me and my dog when we went to OSU… he would Always make it a point to come chat with us and tell us some witty jokes! I’ll miss seeing him there! Love and prayers for his family!

  • While I am new to the VMC SA family, Vince was always welcoming and very kind. He always said hello and he taught me a great deal about putting owners and their pets in our rooms. He will be greatly missed. My deepest sympathy to the family.

  • The news of Vince’s sudden death is a tremendous blow to me and I’m pretty sure also to everyone that has been lucky enough to walk through the lobby of the VMC these past few years. What a treat our clients had having Vince around to make them feel welcome! Vince raised everyone’s spirit, without fail. He would be sure to greet me even when I hadn’t spotted him, and from almost anywhere in the lobby– I think he did this with everyone. I found myself looking for him this week in the lobby subconsciously and I will think about him for a long time. I can imagine Heaven has lots of warm and genuine souls about, but even there I believe you would be hard pressed to find individuals with Vince’s great natured qualities. May the Harold family find peace during this difficult time.

  • When I learned of Vince’s untimely death and shared the news with the VMC Client Services team, there was collective shock and sadness. Tears were shed, but through the tears there were also smiles as we remembered Vince’s funny stories and silly jokes. There is no doubt that he touched many faculty, staff, students and clients during his time at the VMC. His passing leaves a void in our work family and it will not be the same without him here. My sincere condolences to the entire Harold family – you are in my thoughts and prayers during these difficult days.

  • It was an honor and joy toget to know Vince over all these years. He oozed happiness and seeing him in the VMC always made me smile. I always knew if Vince was in the VMC that my clients and their pets were in caring hands as they entered the hospital. I can’t recall a single time when he was having an “off day”. It takes a very special and joyful soul to be able to extend so much warmness, friendship, and care to everyone he met. To say he will be missed does not even begin to scratch the surface of the impact he had on his “work family”. I find great comfort in knowing the many in heaven will now get to enjoy Vince’s frienship and humor. Sending my sincere condolences to his loving family. Please know how special Vince was to everyone that met him. May he rest in peace.

  • I will deeply miss our little jokes and jabs at each other Vince, you always knew how to make me chuckle even on a bad day. You may be gone but you will never be forgotten. Fly high my friend !! Prayers and sincere condolences to the family.

  • Vince was an exceptional person and employee. He always had a smile on his face, a fine sense of humor, and a welcoming presence. He anticipated people’s and pet’s needs, which was very important for us, as we have a dog named Opie, who has behavioral issues when it comes to other dogs. When Vince saw Opie coming through the front door, he immediately found him an exam room to get him out of the lobby quickly. If Opie did encounter other dogs, he would often bark and lunge at them, causing quite a ruckus. Vince kept that from happening. He was so caring and so conscientious. He will be greatly missed by pet owners and pets alike.
    Please accept our condolences,
    Elaine & Steve Glass

  • Vince was not just a team mate at the vet hospital, he was a fixture, and it seems impossible to imagine us functioning without him. He was always especially good at helping grieving clients, and once shared a piece of wisdom with me that he often told those who were struggling:

    “The only way to avoid the pain of losing them, is to give up everything good about knowing them.”

    We are all in pain over the sudden loss of Vince, but it is only a testament to how many lives he touched and how much good he did. From cracking a joke to break the tension of a stressful day, to always being there to offer a helping hand. From helping handle stressed dogs, to helping calm distressed clients and colleagues alike. And I hope these words can serve as a comfort to all who knew and loved him, as he used them as a comfort to so many.

    Prayers and deepest condolences to all his family and loved ones.

  • It is surreal to come to work and not see his smiling face, to not have the exchange of our daily welcome to work banter. Friend you are missed beyond words. I hope you know how truly magical you were to so many people and pets, How much joy you brought to all. I pray for peace and serenity to the Harold family during this difficult time. I will take comfort in my last interaction with him…He was leaving for the day, walking out the front doors swinging his lunch bag. It was very bright outside so he was seen in mostly silhouette. I yelled “Have a good night Vince, see ya soon” He gave a wave over his shoulder and proceeded to idle on his way…I stopped and watched him go, with his side to side shuffle and swinging bag, giving me reason to smile. It was a pleasure and a privilege to have you cross my path Vince Harold.

  • To Dorothy and Family,
    I was so sorry to learn of Vince’s passing, and I can’t imagine the hole he’s left in your lives. One thing I always knew of him was how much he loved his family. The way he talked about Dorothy demonstrated his devotion and love over 50 years together. I loved to hear his stories about the grandkids. I enjoyed working with him at the VMC and hearing all the jokes. He was a truly great guy. I wish you all peace at this difficult time.

  • I will miss seeing Vince everyday. He was so great to talk to and always had a smile as many others have shared. I loved his jokes and personable approach to people. We had so many clients comment about his greeting being a highlight of their visit. He will be missed greatly at the VMC. I send my sincere condolences and prayers to the whole family.

  • Glanced around the Veterinary Hospital lobby yesterday but Vince wasn’t around. It was soon evident that Vince was promoted to Angel since my last visit. Everyone and anyone who met Vince felt his comforting manner shine through. Vince truly embraced his role as Client Liaison, and we will miss him greatly. May his family be comforted soon by the love he bestowed in their hearts, the memories of his life well lived, and his kindness to all.

  • Vince was the light of our clinic. First face many of our clients met, and since many were in distress he often calmed them with kind words. I have told a few of my long term clients about his passing and they expressed so much love for him. To spend a life in helping people in distress and giving comfort to them and their fur babies, that is what we all are about and Vince was as much a healer and caregiver as any of us. Godspeed and reap the rewards you have earned in your blessed life.

  • I was so saddened to see that Vince had died. He was a person who always took care of the clients and their doggies when they arrived at Ohio State. My poodle, The Luce, will miss him so. My deepest condolences for your family’s loss.

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