Tyler O’Neill Weisgram

January 13, 1980 ‒ September 14, 2017

Delaware, Ohio
Formerly of Oroville, California

Master Sergeant Tyler O’Neill Weisgram, age 37, of Delaware, Ohio, died Thursday, September 14, 2017, from injuries sustained in a single vehicle accident.

On January 13, 1980, Tyler was born in Paradise, California, the first born of David and Laura (Hunt) Weisgram. During his early childhood the family lived in Conrad, Montana. In 1988 they moved back to Oroville, California, where he started third grade, then graduated from Las Plumas High in 1998.

Tyler was proficient academically, athletically and musically.  He placed 2nd at a Montana State AAU youth wrestling tournament in Billings, in 1987-88; he played Little League in Montana and California; performed in piano recitals eight years running; was Top Ten his 9th and 10th grades and lettered in sports.  He excelled in football, collegiate and freestyle wrestling and baseball.

While a senior in high school, Tyler made the honorable choice to serve his country by enlisting in the United States Air Force. He left for Basic Training April 7, 1999. He served for 15 years and 5 months, having been stationed at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, California, Yokota Air Base near Tokyo, Japan, Holloman Air Force Base in Alamogordo, New Mexico and Aviano Air Base near Venice, Italy. Additionally, Tyler’s distinguished military career included deployments to Bahrain, Iraq and Afghanistan.

During Tyler’s time in the Air Force, he earned a degree from the Community College of the Air Force in the field of Construction Technology. He served as a heavy equipment operator and was known as a member of the “Dirt Boyz”, able to translate blueprints, manage software systems and work crews; wherever Tyler went they relied upon him to handle the coordination and construction of airfield pavements, revetments, sub-grades and drainage systems. He truly was a leader and instrumental in the growth and development of countless Airmen. Many have said Tyler was “the best boss they ever had” and that they quickly entrusted their life to him. He always had a way of boosting morale.

While stationed in Japan, Tyler fell for another USAF Airman, Katrina (Katie) Herold, whom he married on August 4, 2003. He happily embraced being daddy to Katie’s daughter, Jaelynn. Tyler and Katie were blessed with identical twin daughters, Kylie and Andrea Weisgram. In addition to raising a young family, Tyler and Katie loved to hang out with fellow Airmen to play games, have dinner, go camping (Tyler loved using primitive techniques) and engage in conversations that would later become unforgettable. Tyler and Katie forged bonds with many military families that no time or distance will ever break.

In August of 2014, upon his retirement from the Air Force, Tyler and Katie moved to Delaware, Ohio. In the civilian workforce, Tyler was a lead journeyman for Vaughn Industries, based out of Carey, Ohio. He led crews of mixed trades while constructing commercial solar fields, providing guidance throughout the entire process of excavations, installation of underground utilities, control systems, solar modules, power generation equipment and electrical wiring.

Having a smile that lit up any room, Tyler was always the “life of the party.” He made friends within minutes; there were never strangers in Tyler’s space. He cherished every minute with his family and friends. He and Katie loved traveling the world together and sharing living history with their girls, taking in all the sights along the way.

Tyler will be greatly missed by his wife and children; his parents and two siblings: Tessa (Neal) Rash and Tanner (Erica) Weisgram and their families, all of northern Idaho; grandparents Donovan and Reta Rae Weisgram of Conrad, Montana; Ronald and Margaret Hunt of Oroville, California; numerous aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins, as well as friends from all over the world.

A Memorial honoring Tyler’s life and military service will commence in Oroville, California, October 14, 2017 at 11am, at Oroville Church of The Nazarene.

Snyder Funeral Homes are honored to have been chosen to serve Tyler’s family. Your sympathies and condolences may be shared by visiting www.SnyderFuneralHomes.com.

  • My thoughts & prayers are with you all during this painful time. I last saw Tyler, Katie and the kids when you were all in Oroville for a family reunion. We ate at the Hof Brau. You were viewing pictures that had been taken professionally, choosing which ones you liked best. The twins were just infants. I was so thrilled to be a part of it all! Please know that though we’re hundreds of miles apart, my heart & soul are there with all of you. I am here for any of you, day or night. Peace be with each and every one of you. Love you all!

    • Thank You Deidre ~
      You are such a rock solid friend for 43 years!
      I look forward to having Katie and girlies meeting you again at Tyler’s Memorial soon!
      Thank you ♡ Love you

      • I’m so sorry for this tragic loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and all your family. He will never be forgotten and now I know he is a light in heaven.

  • Words cannot express how sorry I am for your loss. Tyler (& his family) was a very important part of our family for well over a year while in high school. He was God loving, kind, gentle, honorable, respectful, fun, athletic and just an all around good kid. It’s been way over a decade since I’ve seen or talk to him but that is how I always remember him. My love, thoughts and prayers go out for all of his family. Tyler will definitely be a bright shining star in Heaven.

    • Teresa ~
      Thank you for reaching out to all of us via this venue and living near our family in Oroville.
      Mom has shared how much your support has meant to her.
      Tyler was the first grandsugar to both sides of our family, so his birth made aunties and uncles for the first time too on both sides of our families.
      I still cherish the times our families spent together, us making afgans for our kids at football, wrestling and baseball games.
      Even though we know Tyler was at peace, it is still unfathomable that his earth life is done!
      Sigh ~
      Love and Gratitude ~
      Laura Weisgram

  • I didn’t know Tyler or his family, but I wanted to thank him for his service to our country and to his family for supporting him. As an Air Force veteran myself, I salute you MSgt Tyler. Godspeed my brother in arms.

  • As my brother you were always good enough. There is so many memories running thru my mind of us as children that I get to cherish more and more. As you were gone serving in the military living your life I did not have you in my life as a teenager. I am so grateful that being adults we were able to spend as much time together as we did. It was fun to see you in action of being so comfortable to talk to anyone and be kind to them and become freinds. There is so many traits we have in common and still so amazingly different. I am proud of you my brother I will forever miss you.

    • A mother’s heart ponders the love of her sons for each other…
      Daddy ♡ I honor your loss Tanner Nick.
      May Your Brother’s Memory Be Blessed In You Developing Your Own Two Weisgram Boys “Brotherly Love” That Will Stretch From Now Till Eternity, From Boyhood Through Manhood ~ ~ ~
      Rest In Peace Tyler O’Neill

  • I remember Tyler always had a constant smile on his face and upbeat attitude. My earliest memory of Tyler is Tyler approx age 12 playing the piano and me (age 1.5) holding on to the lip of the piano dancing and laughing to whatever he was playing. Our whole family says I most resemble Tyler and that we were very close and alike when I was young. Tyler tried to reach out to me by phone twice this year and I was “too busy” to pause whatever I was doing to connect with my cousin. I still feel that regret but trying to remember all the memories I have of Tyler and not guilt. Tyler you really were special and well loved by many. It’s been years, but I still feel our connection and you will be both missed and forever remembered. I love you cousin RIP. Laura <3 David, I am there in spirit and you both are in my thoughts and my heart. Thank you for giving me and others strength during this sad event; I cannot fathom your loss but I know your strength, love and grace are reflections of your son.

    • Katya ~
      Thank you for placing value on Tyler’s life by sharing here from your soul.
      Tyler loved you, and spoke of you in fondness to me in the last 3 months of his life.
      He was not about guilting others and he would sure tell you to not bother yourself with it in this matter!
      Only he would say it with some strong expletives 😏
      Katya, May We All Bond In Tribute To Tyler’s Memory!!!
      I Love Love Love You Precious Niece!
      Auntie La La

  • I Remember the last time I saw Tyler was after graduation and I haven’t seen him since but I remember I used to go.to his house spend the night for two nights we would go for a walk in the woods and we would find this water pipe or a train that would be still and we would climb on it for awhile then I would ask him how much longer he would say we are almost there .then sometimes he would come over to my house and spend the night for a couple of nights and we would go over to my grandpa’s ranch and we would go to the hay barn and climb in the hay bales and trees . he was my best friend since we where little kids and still for the day he is and always will be my bestfriend

    • Andrew!
      You were both born at 2:22, you in the am, Tyler in the pm.
      When you were a baby and we were at your folks for pizza on Grubbs Rd. you would sit on my baby bump before Tyler was born.
      I am so thankful you shared here.
      I love you and your family Andrew!
      Bless you.

  • What a beautiful way to remember Tyler. He was definitely an accomplished son, husband and father. Laura and David, Tanner, Tessa and family(s), my thoughts and prayers have been and will continue to be with you guys.
    My fondest memories of Tyler would probably be when I would come over with Jeremy and we would all fish in the O.W.I.D. pond on the west side of your property.
    If it wasn’t Tyler and Tanner fishing then it was Tessa on her horse. Life was always busy around the Weisgram home. Your kids couldn’t help but excel in life getting to grow up like that.
    Dave and Laura, I am blessed to have known your family for several years now and to be able to reflect back on an abundance of wonderful memories is just priceless.
    Tyler is at home with the Father now and may he rest in peace.
    We love you guys,

    • Scott ~
      The Cher song is ringing in my mind reading your memories of years gone by…
      If we could turn back time ~~~
      Thank you for sharing your kind estimation of Tyler and our family, Scott!
      David ♡ I treasure our memories and thank you for validating them by yours!
      We love You!
      David ♡ L’aura

  • I feel so fortunate that our children got to grow up through their childhood together. Tyler will always be in our hearts and in our home, our backyard playing and his soul lives on. I know how broken-hearted you as parents have been and will be, but know that he is and will always be at peace until we meet him again. I love both you and David so much and you both have been great parents to all your children. Blessings from our home to yours.

  • Ed and Julie Gillies
    We are so sorry to hear of the loss of a Son, Husband, Father, cousin, nephew.
    Our hearts go out to all the family.
    Love is not lost, its always in our hearts.
    Love to our family,
    Ed and Juls.

    • Dear Bob ♡ Sylvia ~
      I know you share from the voice of experience as we each have a child in the eternities…
      Tha no You gor all of your words of c confidence, encouragement and validating us as parents.
      All our love and gratitude ~~~

    • Dear Eddy♡Julie ~
      I love that sentence, “Love is not lost, it’s always in our hearts!!!!!”
      Thank you, THANK you both!
      I love and appreciate you each!
      L’aura ♡ David

  • Laura and Dave and family,
    We hold you in our hearts as you go through this sad time. Your strength you showed the day we saw you in September was amazing and I know we couldn’t have been able to hold it together like you did. I wanted to tell you how sorry we were that day but honor that you did not want to go there then. Peace be with you and may you treasure your memories and what a great man your raised. Laurie and Roger

    • Roger♡Laurie ~
      We plan weddings and c~ sections, not our children checking out early.
      Luke’s wedding was wonderful indeed,even and especially following Owana and Tyler’s passings.
      And to hold it as a joyful day for he and Carly’s sakes, thanks for letting me refuse condolences there.
      Thank you for rejoicing over Tyler’s life, sharing that here and holding us in your hearts.
      Bless you♡yours!!!

  • Sending prayers for comfort,healing, and peace for your family. May your heart pain be soothed through Christ’s powerful atonement. May His grace wash over you and the holy spirit soothe your anxious times. With love, Ellen Pecchia

    • Thank You Ellen ~
      You Are So precious, and your prayers are so being answered in our life now!
      Hugs ♡ Gratitude ~

  • Laura, Dave, Tessa and Tanner

    My heart aches for you.

    I saw a post with Tyler’s picture and his name, I remembered immediately a young boy who was friends with my son Jay! I also remember a wonderful friend to me in Conrad. It has been years.

    Reading the post about Tyler was two fold. First, a tragic message of a young mans life ending to soon. Secondly, a message of a beautifully lived life! What a great man he grew to be! Servicing our country, serving our country’s volunteers as a Mstr Sargent. Beautiful family man and a hard working provider to his family! I loved seeing his handsome face and great smile! I saw that young boy I knew so well back then😊May the Lord bless you and keep you. May Gods peace be ever present in your life. I wrap my arms around your neck and hold you tight in my prayers, for you are my friend.

    • Pam ~
      Hi, you and your family are indelible in our hearts as well.
      Thank you for reaching out with your kind observations about Tyler’s short, yet well lived life.
      Bless You♡Yours With LONG HAPPY HEALTHY LIVES!
      I cherish your love and friendship Pam, thank you!

  • To Tyler’s family,
    I’m a friend of Dede’s and have heard so much about your son, Tyler. I wanted to express my sorrow when I heard of your loss. He was such an accomplished man and I know he will be missed by so many. He left a huge mark on this world and I’m sure he will make one just as big where he is now. I lost my father in 2003 and I kept talking to him when I was in bed at night. (in my head) I asked him to let me know if he was around and if what I believed to be true, is.. that I will be with him again. Boy did he answer me! And usually when a family member is here, in Utah, to visit me. So I’m confident in telling you that Tyler is around you and if you ask him he will testify to it. He will be watching over his loved ones until you are with him again.
    I pray for your comfort and healing,
    Kathy Burr

    • Kathy ~
      Thank you for your interest in our family because of Dede’s love for us!
      And thank you for sharing and encouraging us from your experience of your own daddy passing in 2003!
      We too are sorry for your loss and appreciate you!

  • Laura,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Tyler – what a beautiful man. I’ve seen that smile before on so many of your faces. What a lovely family.


    • Oh Abbie♡Deborah ~
      Thank you two precious women, friends from childhood of Tyler’s Dear Auntie Susan!!!
      Thank you for visiting our son Tyler’s Memory here.
      We appreciate you both so much!
      Love♡Gratitude ~

  • Laura and Family,

    Words can not express how saddend we were to hear of your sons passing. From the Flournoy Family we extend our deepest sympathies to you and your family during this difficult time. May his beautiful soul rest in peace.