Justin Edward Dean

April 15, 1985 ‒ June 25, 2019

Lexington, Ohio

LEXINGTON: For Justin Dean, nature was not a place to visit, it was home. From his youth as a Boy Scout, to deep-sea fishing trips, helping around the farm, and hosting big bonfires, Justin held an appreciation for the natural world – often capturing unique angles with his photography.

Justin passed away Tuesday, June 25, 2019 in his rural Lexington home. He was 34.

Born Justin Edward Dean on April 15, 1985 to Thomas Edward Dean, Sr. and Nancy Ann (Pfeifer) Dean, he graduated from Lexington High School in 2003 after studying carpentry at Pioneer Career & Technology Center. While at Pioneer he built a Habitat for Humanity Home. Justin worked in fabrication with Broshco Fabricated Products and Deca Manufacturing before accepting a position as a welder, a job he really liked, with Schoonover Industries in Ashland.

Though he spent most of life in the Galion and Lexington area, he lived a year in Cape Coral, Florida, where he attended First Church of the Nazarene in North Fort Myers.

Justin held a very special relationship with his grandparents. They spent many, many days while he was young, going places and experiencing life. He helped his grandpa on projects on some of his houses, and helped him build log cabins.

As a youth, Justin attended the Lexington Church of the Nazarene, and was baptized through the Nazarene Church. He used his carpentry skills to put a new roof on the church parsonage.

He touched a lot of lives and tried to help as many people as possible. Justin assisted others with any home improvement project they had going. Justin was always trying to design a better model – jotting down ideas.

He loved music, looking over and walking the fields, woods and oceans, and watching the sunrises and sunsets. He was successful at finding fossilized shark teeth, filling jars full of them when he lived in Florida.

Adventurous and kind-hearted, Justin loved to travel and had visited over 40 states, including Hawaii.

His love of nature kept him busy with vegetable and herb gardens, and growing cactus. It seems he was always working on his Dodge Ram truck, and enjoyed lending a hand to others on their car or truck. Justin had a spirit of helping others, and deeply loved his family and his precious daughter.

He is survived by his daughter Ava Twigg; his parents Thomas and Nancy Dean of Lexington; his brother Thomas Dean, Jr (Trisha Giddens) of Galion; nephews Ethan Dean and Hunter Dean; maternal grandparents John and Evelyn Pfeifer of Galion; uncles and aunts Robert “Bob” (Jan) Dean of New Washington, Peggy (John) Bosh of Mt. Gilead, Deb Dean of Mansfield; cousins Mike Dean, Matt Dean, David, Jenny, Brittany, Katie, Kelsey, Taylor and Stacie; extended family; great friend Brennan Hocher; and many friends of all ages.

He was preceded in death by his paternal grandparents Robert and Dorothy Dean; an uncle Ron Dean; and cousins Cathy Dean and Nathan Dean.

Though no public funeral services will be held, The Dean family wishes that Justin’s memory will be treasured in your heart. They are in the care of the Lexington Avenue Snyder Funeral Home, Mansfield. A message of support, a fond memory or story about Justin are welcome, and may be shared online at: SnyderFuneralHomes.com


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  • Nancy, Tom, and Tommy , I am so sorry. I will be sending prayer. Justin was such a funny sweet loving boy growing up. I will always remember him that way making me laugh. Please know you will be in my families thoughts and prayers.

    Little Ava, Mrs Lisa loves you and I am sending you hugs and prayers As well.

    • Thanks for your kind words he touched so many people. There will always be a hole in our heart but reading everyones condolences does help us. Luv u guys

  • Our sincere condolence to you John and Peggy, and to the whole family. Praying God will wrap His arms of love around you all and bring comfort at this time.

  • Justin was a great neighbor and friend. He will be missed. One of the things I enjoyed about Justin was his easy going personality and he was always willing to help me out if I needed a hand. He and I enjoyed talking gardening and other things. You could always be yourself with Justin. He Glen. was always upfront and real. My prayers will continue for the family that God will ease their pain and sorrow during this difficult time.

    Glen & Lori Gailey

    • Thanks Glen n Lori to listening to Justin and talking with him. He liked to talk with you and waa eager to help anyone when they needed it. Our hearts ache and by reading comments it helps some. Day x day. Tks again.

  • Nancy, Tom and Family,

    Prayers for GOD’s merciful love during this most difficult time. We are so very sorry for your loss. You all are in our thoughts and prayers.

    • Thanks Deb and Kevin. It hurts so bad right now. We love him n miss him so much. Prayers will be what gets us thru.

  • It breaks my heart to hear that Justin is gone. He was a amazing friend. I am sorry to his family you all will be in my prays.

    • Thanks Sarah for being there n talking with Justin. He loved to talk and had so many friends that he truely loved.

  • I am truly saddened by the loss of Justin. He was an amazing friend to me. Always willing to help in any way that he could even if it were just to make me laugh. He was truly a one of a kind man!! My deepest condolonces to the family

    • Justin loved to make others laugh. He waa kind heared n just wanted everyone to be happy. Thanks for the kind words n being his friend.

  • Nancy and Tom, our prayers are with you and your family. Nancy, you are very special to all of us here at work and we want you to know that we will take care of you and help you with anything you need. All our love to you and Tom and the family-Your Friends at MVDC

    • Thanks Dana. The staff at MVDC are so great. Prayers n thoughts are great and tell everyone thanks. I just need some time to find my way. It hurts so bad and i was hoping it was just a bad dream…but now i know that this is my life now. Spending time with family n grandkids. It helps but there is this hole in my heart..i miss him so. I am so confused anout what to do. Thanks again i will b back soon.

      • You are missed at work but we are all working together so that you can take off as much time as you need. We are doing fine and handling what we can.
        Your staff have been wonderful through this. We are here for you when you are ready. Dana

  • Justin you were truly one of a kind, you had the biggest loving heart out of anyone. I will deeply miss our friendship as will a ton of people. You were always there for your family, blood or not. Thank you for decades of friendship and positivity. My condolences go out to the Dean family.

    • Thanks so much Nate he loved u so much.
      Thanks for being his friend. It helps hearing frim everyone.

  • My dearest bub-bub Justin, you were my best friend, my ear when I needed it, my laugh when I needed it! I knew I could always call you, and you would always answer! I will keep our conversations near to my heart. I will cherish everything we shared. I will forever miss you and your love for fixing things, your cactuses, I will miss your smile every time you talked about that beautiful daughter of yours.
    My condolences and prayers to the family And to everyone Justin touched with his heart!!
    Rest Easy my brother! Just know I love ya and will miss you everyday!!!

    • Brie he loved u so much talked about you all the time. He was proud of you and you both cried together too. You were a true friend that he could talk to. That means the world to us. Thanks for being that friend.

  • Mr & Mrs Dean you are in our prayers and thoughts. Justin was definitely a one of a kind guy! He always had a smile on his face and always made me laugh. He was so down to earth and laid back. He had a great heart and would do anything for anyone that needed it! I will miss hearing about your truck needing worked on, all your pics of your welding projects, or a new toy you built, and hearing how proud you were of your beautiful daughter. We will miss you Justin!!! Rest easy friend!!! Until we see you again!!!

    • Yes we will all miss the in depth convetsations of some project he was working on. I found myself yesterday downloading a bunch. He knew he lost me after the first few sentences but would go on. Sometimes explaining sometimes just talking…which he loved to do. Thanks for the comments…this is what is helping us right now as we try to figure out how to put one foot forward. Thanks.

  • My deepest condolences to the Dean Family. Justin Dean was a big part of my family for many years. We have a daughter together, Ava is seven, plus he helped raise my other four girls with a lot of love for 4 years that we was together.We had many good times together that will always be remembered Justin will be missed every day,and in our thoughts for many years to come. It so hard to believe he is gone but not forgotten Ava will always have the memories of her dad spending great times together . Justin was a great dad! We loved Justin with all are hearts . We will all miss Justin.

    • Thanks Yvette so much. He loved you and the girls so much. He adored his daughter and everytime he talked about her or was with her, his eyes would light up. He said that she was the light of his life and the most important part of his life. Justin was planning on spending more time with Ava. He was excited about his time with her. Thanks Yvette for being a good mom. We are planning to spend more time with Ava as well as Hunter and Ethan. Our Grandchildren are our legacy. God bless and whatever you need Yvette let us know.

  • Having spent most afternoons after school and countless summer days at the Dean residence makes this really difficult. Justin was like a younger brother and will really be missed.

    Tom, Nancy, Tom, Tricia, and all extended family, I am terribly sorry for the loss and you will be in our thoughts.

    • Thanks Brent for visiting and your comments. It means so much to us. Thanks for being a friend to him. It was nice seeing you. It helps to see how many lives he touched.

  • Jutin was a very good. Guy he dated my sister and had Ava he was a good friend to john robinson who also will miss him we are so sorry for your loss. And he will be missed. Rest in peace our friend

    • Thanks so much i know he luvd u guys. Not only for the couch and friendship you offered but the love u share with ava. Our lives will never be the same without him but we can always cherish our memories of Justin. Justin was Justin.

  • To everyone that knew Justin, I am sorry for your loss. I was one of his supervisors when he worked at Broshco. He was a good man and a good employee. I will always remember his attention to detail and his willingness to learn new things. Rest easy Justin.

    • Thanks Dustin..Justin definately was someone who was there everyday at work. He enjoyed Broshco.

  • Tom,Nancy, Tom & Tricia,
    Our hearts are breaking for you!! Justin spent alot of time at home & we loved having him. He always made us laugh!!
    He was a great friend to Brent & Jessica.
    He will be missed so much. You are all in our thoughts & prayers!!! Sending hugs & all our love!!!
    Craig & Becky Goetz

    • Thanks he loved to make people laugh. He was so kind hearted n would do anything for others. Thanks for your kind words. He luvd to visit your family.

  • There are no words to adequate describe the sorrow I feel for the Dean family, as well as the friends of Justin who are also grieving. I had the opportunity to work with Justin and I was blessed to be able to call him my friend. I’ve never known a more generous individual. The last time we visited, as I backed out of the driveway, he asked me to text him when I got home so that he knew I was alright — that’s the kind of guy Justin was. Caring. May the Dean family find peace. I love ya, buddy.

    • Joe he loved you so much. I will forever remember the twin clothes picture. That was a good one. Thanks for being such a good friend. It was good that you stopped over recently. We will all miss him but we still have the memories….and i have the pic! That still brings a smile to us. Reading all these thoughts n memories really really does help to see how many people he touched. Stop by we would luv to keep in touch.

  • Dear Nancy and family,
    I’m so terribly sorry to hear of your loss. Please know I am praying for all of you and sending my love. Cindy

    • Thanks Cindy prayers and God will deliver us from all of this pain. Your kind words n thoughts help.

  • Justin was our beautiful son. He was happy to help anyone in anyway. We miss him so much already. But we are also remembering all of the good times and our Justin moments. Justin was Justin….he was our precious little boy. He teally liked his job and was always there. As well he,was always there for his friends and family. Right now we are so overwhelmed with grief i cant respond to your beautiful memories..but i will in time. He spoke so fondly of u all. He had so many plans so that is why this is so sinceless. But if u knew Justin u knew he loved u.
    Please encourage his friends to leave messages here on this site since i do not review facebook. These messages have been such a help to us to see how many lives he touched…and i know thats many. To know Justin…u knew he loved to talk. We will be funding a trust fund for Ava his daughter. She was the light of his eye and he loved to spend time with her calling her the most important person in his life. His eyes lit up when he was with her or talked about her. Please remember to keep us all in ur prayers…we are holding it together by a string. His grandma and grandpa Pfeifer and brother Tom, Trishia, Ethan, Hunter and daughter Ava need prayers also. We love u Justin and we will forever have a hole in our heart for you but we too were blessed to have 34 years with u. Rest in peace our son till we can hold u once again.

  • My cousin Justin and I spent many days at my grandparents together as kids. Him and I would ask grandma what she got the other for Christmas then tell each other what we were getting, we hid behind the rocking chair as he told me Santa wasn’t real, we constantly tried to come up with new inventions (one being a hair dryer with a brush on the handle – how impractical), we made concoctions of all kinds of different liquids and household cleaners in the sink drain, he got me in trouble when he told me to say “wussy” in his Walkman and then let my mom listen to it, and we walked and rode our bikes all over Galion. I almost forgot… he was the genius who taught me to put salt directly in my ketchup so it stays on our fries better- I still do that to this day!

    We weren’t as close as we got older but one thing I know for sure is that he loved our family and would do anything for us; he especially didn’t like if anyone gave his family problems – sometimes requiring us to tell him we were ok and he didn’t need to handle anything 😆. I’ll miss my crazy cousin at holidays and family get-togethers… it sure won’t be the same.

    Aunt Nancy, Uncle Tom, Tommy, Tricia, Ava, Grandma, and Grandpa- I am praying for you all! Our family will always have a gap where Justin belongs but it will be filled with love and memories of him.

    • Brittany thanks for the great memories. It brought a smile to us…a rarity right now. The pain hurts so bad and we miss him so much. But reading these memories really do help. He did luv his family n friends n told them often too. We luv u Brittany and looking back thru pics was comforting. Thanks n bless u.

  • Justin was one of the few friends i still talked to from high school . He had a heart of gold and I will truly miss talking with him. May he have found his peace. LOVE YOU BUDDY!!!

    • We know he is at peace. He held his friends close to him and was always there for them. Thanks for your kind words it really does help.

  • Justin was one of the sweetest guys I knew. We worked together at HTI and he was always making people laugh when he would come around. We lost touch throughout the years but I will never forget seeing him for the first time in a few years running over to tubbys pizza in his robe to get a sub in the middle of the night. You will be missed justin.

    • That would be Justin. He was unique as i say Justin was Justin
      Thanks for the remarks he touched so many people.

    • Thanks that helps us. We canmot change anything. We just need to find our new normal but we are having problems getting there. We luvd him so n know he wouldnt want us to not move on. It will never be the same.

  • Im so saddened to here this about justin, what a great guy to so many people he only new for a short while including me ,im so happy i had the chance to meet him and become freinds with him .i will cherish my memories i had with him at my house and else where but the house was the best we hung out on my front porch and just talked ,what a smart man he was about everything ,he was a mcguiver of his time he mesmerized me with his thoughts and comments ,i will trully miss him ,your friend from Florida love ya

    • He luvd u too Keith. He was hoping to come down n see u this fall. He had so many plans and we are hurting so bad. He was spending time with his daughter calling her the most important part of his life. He planned a bonfire this weekend for friends. We r tryn to make sense of this. Thanks for your comments reading these are comforting. He really enjoyed your friendship…thanks.

  • Peggy and family. Thinking of all of you. May you feel Gods loving arms around all of you

  • With deepest sympathy, my heart goes out to Nancy and her family . We are thinking of her in a his time of need.
    In my thoughts ,
    Cathy Oswalt

    • It hurts so bad. My world is shattered. We love him so much. Have been spending a lot of time with our oldest son…and grandkids. I will b back in awhile. Thanks Kathy.

    • Thanks Kat. Life is short we have to make sure to enjoy everyday. He had plans n an accident took them all away. Did he give you a broken heart he made. I am looking for one of them that he made up.