Gary J. Langston

March 04, 1952 ‒ November 04, 2017

West Palm Beach, Florida

Rev. Dr. Garland J. “Gary” Langston, 65, of West Palm Beach, Florida climbed the ladder between worlds on Friday, November 4, 2017 unexpectedly after working out at his gym.

Gary was born in Port LaVaca, Texas on March 4, 1952, to the late Arnold J. and Billie “Darlene” Edens Langston who survives in Las Cruces, NM.  Born into a family of carneys, he learned to guess people’s age and weight at an early age honing his intuition, something he continued to hone for the rest of his life.

Due to his father relocating for his job, Gary moved a number of times growing up.  A move from Phoenix, Arizona to North Olmstead, Ohio during high school shifted him from a promising baseball career to one in sales.

The moves taught him early on the importance of relationships and how to create them.  It became one of his greatest gifts, connecting with people and really caring about them whether you were someone he met through work, a server at a restaurant, or someone he met on the street.

Gary loved food and needed to eat often.  He always knew the best restaurants to go to and often told the server to “surprise” him.  He loved good BBQ and the best fried green tomatoes were at a restaurant in Memphis.  They refused to give him the recipe.

After graduating from North Olmstead High School, Gary received his degree in Business from Cleveland State College.  While in high school, his sales career started at the May Company.

He spent most of his working career at Kawaskaki Motors USA where he retired in 2015 as Senior District Sales Manager after 39 years of service.  Covering 4-8 states at a time, he covered many miles as he helped each dealer become the best they could be under his guidance.  Dealers trusted him enough to let him tell them what kind and number of units they should order during each ordering period as he constantly monitored their sales and industry trends.

Gary excelled at anything he put his mind to and was an exceptional athlete.  It didn’t matter if it was baseball, tennis, basketball, motorcycle riding, playing cards, racing go carts, trap shooting or even table tennis.  He would practice the same shot hundreds of times so he could hit it perfectly without thinking.

His main focus on life was being of service.  Later in life he received his PhD in Divinity and Metaphysics and became an ordained minister.  He ministered everyone in his life whether they were aware of it or not.  It was his most important mission in life. His huge heart had room for everyone and he shared his love wherever he went.

He was proud of his Native American Cherokee heritage and was helped his father get his card after obtaining his own.  Shamanism was in his blood and Gary became a certified Pachakuti Mesa Traditions teacher under the tutelage of don Oscar Miro-Quesada.  His medicine name was Red Bear Who Sees All Worlds and when the Red Bear part of Gary showed up, everyone knew it.

He was one of those rare individuals whose presence filled a room.  He was larger than life and loved to teach through stories of his life’s adventures.  Gary was also a stickler for rules.  There were certain ways of doing things and for him there was a step by step way to do them and every step needed to be followed in proper order.

Gary lived his life to the fullest and made the most out of every moment.  He relished any opportunity to share it with each of us as everyone was part of his heart “family”.

He was able to sense the energy of a room or ceremony and could feel if anything wasn’t in alignment and would figure out how to bring the energies to where they needed to be.

Red Bear had survived two near death experiences, one during his first heart attack in 1995 and again in 2014 after a tick bite.  He was filled with wonder at what is waiting for each of us after we cross over to the other side and said it was beyond what any words could describe.  He told Carol that if he was ever at that place again, he would not come back as he longed to return “home”.

Gary is survived by his beloved wife Carol J. Rydell, with whom he shared the past 20 years and had recently celebrated their June 21st anniversary.  He is also survived by his mother Darlene of Las Cruces, New Mexico;  his brother Wayne and Donna Langston of Phoenix, Arizona;  his sister Sharon Langston of Rogers, Arkansas; two nephews Michael and Priscilla Ruiz Langston of Phoenix, Arizona and Kevin and Kelly Langston of Surprise, Arizona ; a niece Sandy Aranguren-Langston of Brooklyn, NY; and two great nephews Korbin and Kemp Langston of Surprise, Arizona.

A celebration of Gary’s life will be held on Sunday, December 10th at 11 a.m. in  the Delray Conference Center Chapel located at 15820 South Military Trail, Delray Beach, Florida.

A potluck lunch will follow at the Miro-Quesada home 2639 Mohawk Circle, West Palm Beach, Florida.

Gary’s favorite organization was  and memorial contributions in his honor can be made through their website.

  • What a remarkable man! One of the greatest men I have ever known. Gary had a way to love everyone and treat everyone as an important person in his life. A great teacher and spiritual leader! I will be forever carrying many lessons with me that he taught me through the years of having Gary and Carol in my life! He will truly be missed but know I will be meet with open arms of love when I transition over to home”! I will forever love Gary and Carol in so many ways and so many roles in my life!

  • Hello to Gary’s family, I only knew Gary on Facebook in two of don Oscar’s groups. Gary was unusually caring of me and my questions. I would Message him some question that I did not want to post because it seemed stupid. With greatest respect, he treated the question and me to a careful, clear answer. I did not want to take advantage, so I only asked maybe three questions over two or more years. However, I followed his comments with keen interest on Facebook. That respectful, clear, and careful manner is a trademark. And knowledge? It was for good reason he was a sanctioned teacher. Here I am not even have met him, yet I shall miss him. But I do not hold him back from his New World and its glories. Sending love to all of Gary’s family and friends and sending good luck, too.