Bradley Fox

July 06, 1961 ‒ December 06, 2015

Ashley, Ohio

ASHLEY – Bradley Fox, 54, of Hayward, California, and recently of Ashley, Ohio, took his last sip of Bacardi, threw his last dart, and ended his comedy tour Sunday evening, December 6th, 2015 at his sister’s residence in Ashley, surrounded by his loving family.  After a bout with cancer, he is finally at peace and sitting at that lucky slot machine in the sky.

He was born July 6th, 1961 in Mount Gilead to Dwight Phillip “John” Fox and Mary Margaret “Peg” (Smith) Fox. He and his twin sister were the youngest of 8 children.

He had a great sense of humor and enjoyed making everyone laugh.  One true story he liked to tell involved a trip he was making and happened to leave his wallet on the gas pump at a station he’d stopped at.  Realizing this, he turned around and headed back, not expecting to find his wallet, which was full of cash and credit cards. To his surprise, the station attendant told him it had been turned in with nothing missing!  Brad asked if the person left their name but the only information the attendant had was that it was a big, burly biker covered in tattoos.  Brad said after that, every time he saw a big tattooed biker, he ran up and gave him a big hug.  Sometimes this did not work out so well for Brad but he did it nonetheless.  His life took him from Hooterville (Ashley) to Computerville (Silicon Valley), where he ran his very successful electronic scrap recycling business.

He was a 1979 Buckeye Valley High School graduate, and in 2012 was recognized as a Master Dart Thrower.

He loved playing pool, throwing darts, and golfing with family and friends. He once videotaped himself throwing 3 “bulls” and sent it to family in Ohio.  He made it look so easy.  His life was taken way too early and he summed it up with a picture he drew and this caption beneath it: “Hey Cancer, You Ain’t Cool, Bitch!” He repeated this phrase often.

Left to cherish his memory is his daughter, Katie Marie Fox of Burleson, Texas, brothers Ed Fox of Sikeston, Missouri; Bob Fox of Delaware; sisters Mary Lou Bailey of Ashley, Cindy Sheets (Mike Millhoan, fiancé) of Delaware, and twin sister Barb (Chuck) Allen of Delaware, many nieces and nephews, and many friends (special friend Viki).

In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by his brothers, Jim Fox of St. Petersburg, Florida, and Jerry Fox of Ashley; half-brother Phil Fox of Mt. Gilead.

The family invites you to attend a Celebration of Life on Saturday, December 12th, from 5-9 pm, at Mike & Cindy’s, 4094 Troy Road, Delaware. During this time, there will be a prayer service with Chaplain Zach Ostrem from Hospice at 5:30, and a 2nd prayer service with Pastor Don Akers, from East Side Mission Church at 7:30.  Please feel free to bring pictures and/or special memories to share.

In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made to SourcePoint Meals on Wheels, 800 Cheshire Road, Delaware, Ohio 43015 or to Ohio Health Hospice, 800 McConnell Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43214.  Assisting the family is Snyder Funeral Homes. Condolences may be expressed to the family and memories may be shared by visiting www.

  • My thoughts and prayers go out the Fox family. I have so many fond memories of Brad from back in the day, growing up in Ashley. May you rest in peace handsome Brad.

  • To All of the Fox Family.

    I am so sorry for your loss. I have fond memories of Brad when we were in high school. Prayers for comfort.


  • My thoughts and prayers are with all the Fox family. Brad was a very out going young man. Cherish all the good memories.
    Donna Mitchell and family

  • Mary Lou,
    So sorry for your loss. My thought and prayers are with your family for strenght and peace.

  • We spent the past 15 years together. That’s 15 years of memories. I was with you when you left your wallet at the gas station. I typed up the fake certificate of you being a master dart thrower. I was there with you the day you were diagnosed with cancer and stood by you until things became too much for me to handle alone. Its a shame that the one person you shared your life with for so many years that really knows you and your story was thought of so little by your family they didn’t even mention my name here. No worries I know who I am and I know what I meant to you. I will be fine and I know you will always be watching over me making sure I am alright. Miss you so much

  • We are so saddened by the lose of life of ” Brad, Brad Fox”.
    Brad, I can not forget you. cause a full month comes often. We talked or texted everytime there was a full moon in the sky.
    My children and Brad and I would say “it’s just a moon”. But Brad always laughed and make a joke and made our lives brighter.
    He will never be forget and always a big part of our lives and memories. I miss you Bradley Fox. The man that wanted the world to laugh and smile and never be sad and would stand on his head for us….Brad, It’s just a car, it’s just a moon, but a moon we’ve never looked at again without you in our hearts.Oct 2000.
    , Christina Samantha and Joey.

  • To the remaining Fox family there in Ohio and his beloved daughter in Texas is with sad heart that I say these words in memory of Brad Brad entered my life when it seems like mine was ending I had just come off of a personal landslide which made me homeless with no job and my car broken down by the side of a creek..a friend of mine said he may have some side work for me if I wanted to help him do some landscaping at a home that was bent being renovated there are from Lundy in Milpitas well the house turns out to be a house right next door to where Brad lived.the home turned out to be owned by Celeste uncle who she will pop up in the story here laterFalling Skies today work for you not very professional and they had me trapped in this very tall hedge which separated the two housesI remember seeing this guy coming home and I felt it was the home owner from the house next door and he seemed a bit perturbed and come to find out yes he was inquiring who had chopped down that hedge so low… i maybe foolishly but honestly told him i did and was sorry that i was only a grunt and did as i was told.and with a grin and smile you can look up to me and asked if I wanted something to drink it was a hot August night and if we would like were more than welcom to use his ice machineeven if he wasn’t there like the next day or day after that while he was at workI’ll try and hurry this on a little bit more but he and I hung out a few times in between me working there when I did for maybe a week or two that August and I visited maybe once or twice the month thereafter and the and the following in one of the evenings I was there with him I could see there was something on his mind that was just bothering him and he kind of had mentioned he really didn’t like where he was working after that he had to come from working with his brother and now it was just a whole different world and where he was at and he didn’t seem happy, at one point he looks up at me and says if he started a business would I work for him but I like to work for him and me and the situation I was in, all hope was done as far as any type of career or idea of what I wanted to do with life was over… so I said sure I’ll hitch my wagon to your star… well the next morning he drove me back to where my car was broken down by the creek and and dropping me off he says I really meant what I said last night so maybe sometime soon you may be seeing me roll up and I said okaywhen was no lie maybe 2 months later he came rolling up he says is that it that your car right there right that’s broken down the things you need out of it thrown in the back of the Avalanche you to move up to Hayward for mehe said I just invested everything I had and got a loan in 2 starting Fox Electronics again but I live here in San Jose and the company or warehouse is in Hayward so I would feel much better if you lived on property and you work during the day for me I’ll pay you and at night you can live there for free I’ll give you a check for work during the day and let you use my camper you can save your money get yourself a vehicle and a place to live and help establish yourself backwhy can’t even begin to say what a great opportunity that man gave me and I didn’t let him down as far as I know I took advantage of the opportunity he gave me and I did right by him and grew closer with him and his significnt other Celeste, over the years i got to know celeste and all though she can maybe seem insensitive. she just wasn’t one of those type of people who likes to spoon or stuff like that maybe she does maybe she doesn’t I don’t know but with all these memories of. Brad no one is mentioning or talking about Celeste , the closing of the company and health of Brads escalating worse …she called to Ohio for help and so did heremind you Celeste only one small person that she is carried Brad all these past years by herself as ornery and is volatile as he could be time to time….she was exhausted. she didn’t walk out on him she didn’t cheat on him she was just exhaustedI’m sure Brad gave team Fox or run for their money and if that being so there are multiple of you ,only one of her so to tell his children disparaging things about her conduct or treatment of. brad made her sound like a villain…
    there’s only one villain as far as i’m concern in this beautiful life story of Brad and thats cancer….cancer that insidious life stealing disease thats the villainI hope I didn’t bring anyone spirits down but I had to say that Brad would have wanted it that way because that’s what I do ….now I’ve got to go crank up a car with free bird and drive it down a funeral procession just as he wanted….. I love you brad… see you in the future

  • Barb, Lou and Cindy I am sorry to learn of Brad’s passing. My thoughts and prayers to you and the Fox family for your loss.