Betty J. Gleason

May 25, 1938 ‒ July 09, 2019

Mansfield, Ohio

Betty Jane Gleason, age 81, peacefully passed away Jul 9, 2019, in her Mansfield home.

She was born May 25, 1938, to parents Roy & Rachel (DeBoard) Lawson in Westerville. Betty was graduated from Gambier High School. She married James Gleason and they spent many wonderful years together until he passed away in 1990. Betty worked at General Industries in Bellville for a time, but her full-time job was to be a loving homemaker for her family.

Betty had a deep love for classic country music, her absolute favorite was George Jones and she got to see him in concert in 1995. In spare time, she enjoyed watching television and some of her favorite shows included Judge Judy, Forensic Files, and of course Lifetime Original Movies. She also enjoyed solving crossword puzzles and was very much a dog person. Betty had a giving spirit and loved taking others to eat out at local restaurants. According to her grandkids, she had “no filter” and she always spoke her mind. Betty was protective of her family and dearly loved them all.

She is survived by her daughter Kristine (Michael) Volz whom she called “Cis” of Mansfield; grandchildren Cameron (Haley) Vance whom she called “Punkin,” and Laken Vance (fiancé Tim Metcalfe) whom she called “Lakeypoo,” and Nathan Volz all of Mansfield; brothers Leedy (Marilyn) Lawson of Utica, and Tommy (Cathy) Lawson of Rochester, NY; along with numerous nieces and nephews.

In addition to her loving husband and parents, she was preceded in death by a son Chris Gleason who passed away in 1985 at the age of 17 and a brother Danny Lawson.

Although no public service will be held in Betty’s memory, her family hopes that you will hold her in your heart as you remember her in your own special way.

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  • Dear Mama
    My heart is completely broken without you here – but I will take the strength that you gave me to get through this. I know that you are watching down on us – and I have no doubt that you have the tightest grip of Chris’s hand and will never let it go again.
    I love you mom with all of my heart. I will miss you every single minute……until that one sweet day…

  • Granny was one of the sweetest and funniest people I have ever met. It didn’t take long after meeting her to realize that. It was also easy to see through the personalities of her daughter and granddaughter- loving, caring and honest. Granny will be missed greatly by everyone that got to chance to know her. She will be in our hearts, and she will watch her family with all of the time that passes without her here. She was a wonderful woman who has passed down her greatness to her children and grandchildren.

  • Dear Kristine and family, we didn’t get the chance to know Betty very well but she was a funny lady. We all enjoyed her visit at Troy’s house. I know she is in good hands now.

  • Betty,
    Know that you will be missed. You were loved and will continue to be cherished by all that knew you. Your sense of humor and spunky wit will be with me forever. You are in a better a place now. Embrace all the familiar faces you get to see again.
    Mike Volz
    Son in law

  • I don’t want to be writing this. I was just watching Wife Swap and eating fish from Burger King a little over a week ago. I loved every minute I spent with my “grannagles”. We were definitely not the cliche granny/granddaughter duo, we were always watching either Lifetime movies, Forensic Files, Snapped, or Wife Swap and eating either McDonald’s or Dairyland “up the street” as you called it. One of my favorite memories will always be when mom specifically told you to not let me (8 at the time) watch Forensic Files, but the second I was dropped off, we’d be watching the newest episode. I’m going to miss hearing you answer the phone “Hi Lakeypoo!!!”. I love you so much granny. I like to think that I got my sassy, stubborn, strong, independent nature from you. I will think about you every single day, probably around the time that I’d be calling to ask what you wanted for lunch and that I’d be headed over. My mornings will be dull now, but I know that you’re finally with Chris again.

  • Dear Granny,
    This week has been the toughest week of my entire life but you were the strongest person I’ve ever met so I’m trying my best to push through. I wish I could rewind to a week ago when I last saw you and stay over and visit a little bit longer but I’ll always remember our last hug and talk that we had that day and appreciate that it was a good one like all the others we had. That doesn’t change the fact that I would give up anything to have 5 more minutes with you. I’ll miss your house as it was a place of solace for me and brings back all the memories of when I was younger growing up there. I’ll miss all of your calls that I always enjoyed getting even though you always thought you were bothering me because you worried about every little thing in the world. I’ll miss mowing your yard and looking up seeing you watching me from your front door making sure I was doing a good job. I’ll also miss our simple little conversations that were more comforting than you would ever know and your constant support of everything I ever tried no matter how bad I was at it. Truth is I’ll miss everything about you everyday for the rest of my life but I’ll always have my memories of you and cherish that they were all great memories. I wish I could have felt your little arms wrap around me yesterday when I gave you that final hug but I knew they were there in spirit. I’ve got to go for now Granny but I’ll give all your “granddogs” a treat and everyone a hug from you. Bye Granny, I’ll see you later!

  • I am so saddened to hear about this. I will always remember the few but very special times I got the chance to share with her while hanging out with Laken and her family. It was always very clear to me how much she loved you all. It always cracked me up how her and Laken and her and Kristine would always playfully bicker :). She was spunky, blunt, and her soul was much younger than her physical body. She will be very missed. Losing someone close to you is never easy, but we can take rest in the special times and memories we shared with that person. She will always live on in the kind hearts of those she leaves behind, and I know she will always be so proud of you all for the people you are. Hold tight to the memories and cherish them, because those are the things that will stay with us forever. Sending my love and prayers to all.

  • Granny,

    You will be missed greatly. It was such a joy getting to know you as the sweet, sassy, and hilarious person that you were. You made me feel like I was apart of the family from basically the first time that I met you. I will forever remember the time that you playfully shot me a look of judgment as I ate almost an entire chocolate cake by myself, or how you would always jokingly hit on me. Those are just two examples that displayed your wonderful sense of humor. I loved every moment that I got to spend with you, and I thank you for being the example from which your daughter and granddaughter draws from.

  • Granny!

    Just because you aren’t my grandma doesn’t mean you’re not my granny! I just saw Pebbles last week and realized I say her name exactly the same way you always did. I’d forgotten how much time you spent down in the basement with me and Cam, somehow napping as we played video games and yelled at the TV. What I loved most was seeing you and Cam interact; it was easy to see how close you two were and I’m not sure he ever had a closer friend or confidante. I always enjoyed hearing your dry quips (mostly admonishments to Cam), always with a sneaky grin and never afraid to tell it like it is. “Cameron, you trading in those video games all the damn time is worse than trading in a car!”, the dramatic irony of which was not lost on me. One of your “Grannyisms” was so great I actually used it in my mock trial statements… I told a witness that she lied like a rug (in front of a real judge). Ultimately you had a presence of warmth that made anyone instantly comfortable around you. No matter your relation to those remembering you, I think each of us misses both a friend, and a family member. I know I do.


  • Cameron,
    I would like to offer you and your family our deepest and most sincere condolences and may the soul of your grandmother rest in peace.

  • Granny,
    I don’t even know how to start writing this. I can’t imagine you not being there at fires (where you would out drink me), birthday parties, and holidays. You were always the life of the party. You not only cared about your family, but everyone that they cared about as well. I’ll miss coming over with Laken and watching movies (just for you to accuse us of not watching them) and going back and forth with our sass. You taught me that just because you’re a grown up, doesn’t mean you have to act like it. There aren’t enough wonderful things I can say about you, but thank you so much for all of the great memories and inside jokes. And thank you for being “the people’s granny”. Everyone that knew you, loved you dearly. And I’m so happy I got to know you. ❤️

  • Kristine, I am so sorry for our loss. Betty was the greatest babysitter and friend I could have ever asked for. She was truly a godsend. I have thought of her often, and as it always turns out, too late. She was a wonderful person and a great beer drinking partner. She will always hold a special place in my heart.

  • It’s hard having to know that you’re gone. You were always my Granny away from home. You were my CG just like you were Cameron’s. I felt close to you always asking if I needed to stop and get your “necessities” on occasion. You never stopped putting me in my place whenever I needed it when I was being an idiot. I enjoyed being able to use what little bit of knowledge i had to fix things around your house for you. I always enjoyed you telling me I could’ve done better!!! lol. It was great that whenever I was over at your house and playing Rock Band you made sure I sang Suspicious Minds and then told me I wasn’t as good as Elvis! Thanks for making feel like I had a grandmother away from home. Thanks for letting be part of your family.

    Love Justin.

  • Sorry to hear of Aunt Betty’s passing. Our sincerest condolences to the rest of the family.

  • Dear Betty,

    I have many fond memories of us years ago. I had spent many evenings in your home enjoying your silliness and sharing many laughs. The photos I have from those fun times bring a smile to my face! I am happy knowing you will be with your beloved ones holding them again.

    Kristine I wish you and your family the continued strength to move forward and enjoy every single moment with each other. You all are in my prayers.

    Love, Lori