Covering Funeral Costs When There's No Life Insurance

Covering Funeral Costs When There's No Life Insurance


When a loved one passes away without life insurance, it can be a difficult time for their family. Funeral costs for desired services can add up quickly, leaving some families struggling to pay for final expenses. While some hold out hope for government assistance, the reality is that there are few programs available to help.


Here are some of the limited government programs that can assist with funeral costs:


  1. Social Security: Surviving spouses or dependent children of someone who received Social Security benefits may be eligible for a one-time death benefit payment of $255. This amount is unlikely to cover all of the funeral expenses, but it can provide some assistance.

  2. Veterans Affairs: Veterans may be eligible for burial benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs. These benefits can include a burial plot, headstone, and burial flag, as well as financial assistance for funeral expenses.

  3. Local Programs: Some local governments offer assistance programs for low-income families to cover funeral expenses. Eligibility requirements and benefits vary, so it's important to check with your local municipality for more information. Often this requires the next-of-kin give up their right to arrange services and the most economial choice is selected automatically.

While these programs may provide some assistance, it's important to note that families are typically responsible for all funeral costs. The cost of a funeral can vary widely depending on factors such as the location, type of service, and additional expenses like flowers, minister or church fees, and catering. Here are some other ways (assuming there's no life insurance!) to pay for a funeral at Snyder Funeral Homes.


  1. Cash

  2. Check

  3. Credit Card

  4. Debit Card

  5. E-Check (ACH)

  6. Pre-Paid Funeral: The most stress-free option and the best "I Love You" gift you can ever give your family.

  7. Approved Loan: A payment plan through LendingUSA funeral funding is available with the click of button.

  8. Tribute Fund: We can place crowdfunding on your loved one's obituary. The funeral account is paid by donations minus a 4% fee (the cost we pay to process the payments). While not a guaranteed result, we have had past funeral accounts paid 100% by donations plus extra refunded to the family.


When choosing a funeral home to serve your family in the time of need, it is important to select one that has payment options that will fit your needs. At Snyder Funeral Homes, we understand that covering funeral costs can be a financial burden for families. Our compassionate staff can help you explore all available options for covering funeral expenses. We offer flexible payment plans and can work with families to find solutions that fit their budget. We also offer online crowdfunding as an alternative to traditional donations. As always, preplanning and prepaying for services is the best way to combat this issue. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you through this process.

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