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Next Steps (When a Loved One Has Passed)
There are so many things to do when a loved one passes away. This brouchure will help to keep you organized as you begin the process of gathering items and information that your funeral director will need.


Things to Remember Checklist
Sometimes without a checklist it's hard to know where to start when a loved one passes away leaving behind different accounts and assets. Remember to take things at your own pace and ask for help from trusted friends.


Obituary Worksheet
One of the last gifts we can give to our loved one’s after their death, is to honor them with a meaningful life story that details who they were, what they’ve done, and why they mattered so much to us. An obituary is something that will be become a family keepsake—passed down from generation to generation to know and remember your heritage.



Services & Prices


A Century of Service
What sets Snyder Funeral Homes apart? With five generations of one family providing top-quality services at affordable prices, there are certain things you can expect when you choose the Snyder family to assist you in your time of need. This brochure highlights those signature services that are unique to Snyder Funeral Homes.


Meaningful Tributes Selection Guide
Pricing is one of the most common questions we recieve here at the funeral home. This guide highlights our services and merchandise. Look for the ribbons that show which items the funeral directors most often reccommend to their client families due to the quality of materials and high value for the money spent.


General Price List
The Federal Trade Commission requires a very specific format for a funeral home General Price List. While not the easiest to read or understand, these are our general prices. Almost all of our client families prefer to select from our package options because they include a significant discount that is not found on the General Price List. You can find our package options in our Meaningful Tributes selection guide (above).





Funeral Procession Instructions
This handout gives drivers some clear instructions for how to drive in a funeral procession safely and lawfully in Ohio.


Funeral Mass for Catholic Faithful
This pamphlet, produced by the Diocese of Toldeo, give guidance to those of the Catholic faith when arranging services for themself or a loved one. Additional information can be found on their website.


Government COVID-19 Funeral Assistance
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought overwhelming grief to many families. FEMA is providing financial assistance for COVID-19-related funeral expenses incurred after January 20, 2020. This guide will help you determine if you or someone you love is eligible for reimbursement and give you instructions on how to apply.



Ohio Right of Disposition Guide
Who is legally responsible for my funeral arrangements? This form shows you the order of superiority as established by Sections 2108.70 and 2108.81 of the Ohio Revised Code. If you would rather designate a specific person to carry out your wishes, look to the Ohio Designated Agent Form (below).


Ohio Designated Agent Form
Effective October 12, 2006, Ohio citizens may designate anyone they wish to make funeral, cremation, or anatomical donations of their bodies after death. This new right can be found in 2108.70 of the Ohio Code. Download a copy of an Ohio Designated Agent Form if you would like someone other than your legal next-of-kin to be responsible for your final wishes. Please make sure to inform that person and put a copy of the paperwork on file with us here at the funeral home.


Ohio Addendum to a Preneed (Burial Space Items)
The Ohio Administrative Code permits Ohio Medicaid applicants to pre-fund burial space items for immediate family members in addition to themselves. Immediate family members are recognized as: parents, including adoptive parents, minor or adult children, including adoptive and stepchildren, siblings, including adoptive and stepsiblings and the spouses of the immediate family members. Contact your PrePlanning Specialist to learn more and save your family money when applying for Medicaid assistance for yourself or a loved one.


Thoughtful Decisions Planning Guide
For your peace of mind, you may want to write down your wishes for funeral services along with other vital information to give to a trusted loved one. Remember, this does not replace making your final arrangements with us here at the funeral home. Make an appointment to meet your PrePlanning Specialist or click the button below to make your plans online.




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