Our History

A Century of Superior Funeral Care

The Snyder family has proudly served the families of North-Central Ohio for nearly a century. Since our funeral home was founded in 1922, four generations of Snyders have gone above and beyond to comfort the living while creating meaningful tributes to honor and celebrate each unique life lived.

Of course, times have changed quite a bit over the past 90 years—and the funeral industry continues to evolve. With the passing of each season, we strive to stay on the cutting-edge of our industry and offer the latest and greatest technology, while continuing to provide superior services at reasonable prices. We invite you to visit one of our 15 beautiful facilities to discover what separates Snyder Funeral Homes from the rest.

A Long-Standing Tradition of Compassionate Care

In 1922, Ora O. Snyder purchased his first funeral home in Johnsville, which he operated with his wife Marian. He bought the Manier Seminary in Lexington in 1926, remodeling it into a funeral home. In 1941, he purchased the A.A. Shafer Funeral Home in Bellville. During the war years, Marian Snyder obtained her funeral directors license and assisted Ora in operating the three funeral homes.

In 1946, the Snyder family bought the Ira S. George Funeral Home in Butler. Ora and Marian’s sons, Dick and Bob, completed their mortuary school training and joined their parents in the family business. In 1953, the Snyders purchased the Howard Meredith Funeral Home in Fredericktown. At this time, Ora and Marian’s son Phil completed his schooling, joining the family business. In April of 1963, the Snyder family opened a funeral home in the former Nathan Tucker Laboratory in Mount Gilead.

In 1971, the Snyder family constructed identical funeral homes: One on Ohio 97 to serve families in Bellville and Butler; and the other on Lexington Avenue to serve the Lexington and Mansfield communities. In the 1970’s, Ora and Marian’s son, Paul, along with their grandsons, Dennis and Dan (Dick’s sons) and Trent (Phil’s son) also became funeral directors, continuing the ongoing tradition of the Snyder family serving families.

In 1981, the Flowers Funeral Home in Mount Vernon merged with Snyder Funeral Homes to become the Flowers-Snyder Funeral Home. J. Todd (Paul’s son) and C. Clay Snyder (Phil’s son) completed their education and joined the family firm in 1984. Upon the retirement of Max Craven in November 1985, the Craven Funeral Home in Mount Gilead became the Craven-Snyder Funeral Home. In 1989, the Snyder Funeral Homes grew again with the addition of Dowds Funeral Home in Mount Vernon.

In the 1990’s, the Snyder Family of Funeral Homes continued to expand with the merger of the DeVore Funeral Homes in Delaware, Sunbury and Marengo. Great grandson Weston (Dennis’s son) graduated from mortuary school and returned to Mount Vernon to work with his father and uncle. In an effort to provide every aspect of service to local families, the Snyder family constructed a new crematory in 1996. In 2002, great grandson Chad (Trent’s son) graduated from mortuary school and returned to Mount Gilead to work with his father and uncle in Morrow and Delaware Counties.

Change continued into the 21st century when the Denzer-Farison-Hottinger Funeral Home in Marion merged with the Snyder Funeral Homes family in 2006. The former Finefrock Funeral Home on Marion Avenue in Mansfield was purchased and re-opened as the Finefrock Chapel of the Marion Avenue Snyder Funeral Home in 2007.

Rodman Neeper Funeral Home in Delaware consolidated forces with Snyder Funeral Homes in April of 2010 in a new partnership. Hannah and Gideon Snyder (Todd’s daughter and son) graduated from mortuary school and returned to Mansfield to work with their father. The Richardson-Davis Funeral Home in Galion joined their staff and resources with Snyder Funeral Homes of Mansfield in 2013. Most recently in 2019, Lindsey Funeral Home in Loudonville joined the Snyder family of funeral homes.

In addition, with the changing world of technology, the Snyder Funeral Home family continued to stay abreast of these changes offering an extensive media department with customized memorial folders, videos and personal displays as additional ways to help celebrate a life well-lived.

Today, nearly a century since Ora founded that first funeral home; the Snyder family strives to honor their long-standing heritage with each and every family they serve. Through four generations, the Snyder family’s goal has remained the same: To provide the finest quality services and facilities at reasonable prices.

Snyder Family Funeral Directors